How to Make $8K/Month With Websites (Business Model Revealed) - NIBiz Soft

How to Make $8K/Month With Websites (Business Model Revealed)

How to Make $8K/Month With Websites (Business Model Revealed)

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When I was 20 years old, I dropped out of university. I couldn’t listen to professors anymore, because I had the dream of building a business. I realized that sitting in a classroom will not bring me any closer to that goal.

So I was on my own, had no degree and only a few bucks left on my bank account. I had to make some money…

I asked myself what to do next? How can I make money? Working in a restaurant or getting a 9-to-5 job was not an option for me. I decided to sell websites, even though I didn’t know anything about programming, I just thought “hey, everybody needs websites, right?”

Back then I failed terribly. It took me years and the help of many mentors to learn how the business model of selling websites can work. Even though it’s so simple – if you know what to do!

Today I want to share the exact business model with you, that I figured over time. If I had this model back then, I would have saved myself many sleepless nights…

Here is How to Make $8K/Month With Websites (Business Model Revealed)!

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