Q&A #9 | How To Open A Medical Store/Shop | Required Documents | Drug License | Cost | CHEMIST SHOP | NIBiz Soft

Q&A #9 | How To Open A Medical Store/Shop | Required Documents | Drug License | Cost | CHEMIST SHOP

Q&A #9 | How To Open A Medical Store/Shop | Required Documents | Drug License | Cost | CHEMIST SHOP

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Here, we have discussed about *Q&A #9 | How To Open A Medical Store | Required Documents | Drug License | Total Cost Details* and prepared a best content for you so watch the complete video until the end and read the description below.

*Registering for Drug License
A-Retail Drug License
This license is required to run a general chemist shop.
A fee has to be deposited.
The registration can be done only in the name of an individual who possesses a degree or diploma in pharmacy from a recognized institute or university.

*Deciding upon the type of retail medical store:*
A-Hospital medical store: It is inside the hospital developed to cater to the needs of the patients mostly inside the hospital.
B-Standalone medical store:
It is the most common form that is present in a residential area(in your colonies).
C-Chain Pharmacy/ Franchise outlets:
Medical stores present in the malls, and are part of a chain of pharmacies e.g. Apollo pharmacy
D-Township medical stores:
It is set-up in a township/city to cater to the needs of the people.

*Minimum requirements that are required for obtaining Drug License*
1-Pharmacy License-In order to obtain a Pharmacy License, a person needs to be a qualified pharmacist with a degree of B. Pharm / Diploma in pharmacy
2-Area specification-Minimum area requirement of 10 square meters for common retail and 15 square meters for wholesale business.
3-Storage Facility-Medical store must be equipped with a refrigerator and air conditioner (with receipt) as certain drugs like vaccines, Sera, Insulin Injections etc. to be stored in the refrigerator.
4-Technical Staff: Retail: The registered pharmacist must be present at the time of sale of medicines during the working hours.

*How much does it cost to open a medical store*
A-How much does it cost to issue a drug license?
Answer- Around Rs.4000-5000 depending
upon your area
B-How much does the medical store setup
Answer – Around 1 lakh to 10
lakh(including rent) depending upon your
*Documents Required for Obtaining a Drug License:*
1-Pharmacy License application form in the prescribed format.
2-Covering Letter with the intent of the application signed with the name and designation of the applicant.
3-Challan of fee deposited for obtaining drug licenses.
4-Declaration form in the format prescribed.
5-Key plan(Blueprint) for the premises.
6-Site plan (Blueprint) for the premises.
7-The basis of possession of the premises.
8-Identity proof and photos of owner/partners of a medical store.
9-Proof of ownership of the premises, if rented
10-Affidavit of non-conviction of proprietor/partners/directors under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940

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