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SYMMETRY172/ “Renaissance man “

SYMMETRY172/ “Renaissance man “

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Leonora Veterano on Glenn Losack ( once known as the furious physician )

this was written atleast 5 years ago:

Dr. Glenn Losack is a very busy man telling the stories of the world, our world and you’re bound to listen. The seeker of truth is no way content in “just being a Doctor.” This physician, psychiatrist, photojournalist, musician, lecturer and charity worker just to name a few is on a mission and will not be stopped! A man who has many varied interests and expertise in several areas he is “The Renaissance Man.” This Brooklyn born native of a low middle class family and one of three children all born on the same day, May 7th, but different years is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore! “I am an extreme pessimist, I am furious; I think countries like India will survive because they have religion, morals, ethics and culture. The USA has none of this, we read the Ten Commandments like a comic book,” he says.

Why the “Furious Physician”? Dr. Losack is furious at the injustices in the world and sees life from a pessimistic perspective, a lot if not most of the time.

He is a man who practices what he preaches. Dr. Losack who is semi-retired from his medical practice in order to follow his passions lives a part of the year taking photographs in third world countries. Earthquakes in India, civil war in Sri Lanka, typhoons in Bangladesh, political unrest in the Dominican Republic and the 2004 Tsunami. Here in his native country, the United States he has photographed our own tragedy 9/11. In December of 2009, he heads to India to shoot festivals. He has won several awards for his photographic work, and has been published in many magazines, including National Geographic. One of his prouder moments includes one of his photos owned by Yoko Ono, the wife of Beatle John Lennon. One of his life aspirations before becoming a Doctor, he wanted to be in the Beatles. By the age of fourteen he could play every Beatles song on guitar or piano. Dr. Robi Ludwig (national commentator, bestselling author and psychotherapist) is also the proud owner of several pieces of Dr. Losack’s work. He contributes Dr. Ludwig as helping him take himself and his artistic talents seriously and encouraged him to do something legitimate about it as an artist and musical tune writer. “She has helped me immensely.”

But what makes this Doctor so unusual, extraordinary; exceptional is he allows himself to be exposed to danger in order to photograph the dark side of humanity. These countries are no country clubs where a steak and potatoes meal only requires one to place an order from a menu. His journey includes countries susceptible to nature’s wrath, man’s shortcomings and many disappointments to its native people. Dr. Losack is the advocate for all these causes. The underdog, the downtrodden, the scapegoated and the disenfranchised, he is a champion for them all in his artistry. “I shoot pain, agony, human suffering, I shoot those who have no advocates, you can see this in my work.” The pleasures, the pain, the underdog with no voice are all expressed in his work, if only you have the courage to look. He photographs as if he could touch anything without hurting the subject and leaving them with their courage and dignity intact. The Doctor shows how much he loves these people; they are clearly a part of his life. He is a man who not only seeks for knowledge and truth, but interacts it in his art. Dr. Losack depicts the human drama in parts of the world, where some are quick to be beaten but have a faith in life and love, no easy task to pursue. “People do not have a clue, not a clue what real suffering is, I find it fascinating.”

Although Dr. Losack’s art explores the dark side of humanity, they still reflect his humble love of life. He is a man who has a heart or why else would he do what he does with his subjects. “I seem to want to take care of them or let them know they are not forgotten. I want to make it palatable to look at people who are so deformed and forgotten and self hating. If people don’t run from Lepers they can help them.” Perhaps this all started with his own beginnings. His father was a truck driver and his mother was a housewife. He feels his father gave him the artistic gene which his dad was not allowed to pursue. “My father got a scholarship to Cooper Union but his pop said, No Way! I think my father’s life was rough, he couldn’t be what he wanted to be or was good at; his father took it away from him.”

Dr. Losack shows in his work that we all can be heroes, admired for our own achievements and qualities. He shows the world the people who struggle with their lives every single moment are heroes. “Every beggar, every deformed, every leper, every man and woman who walks on their hands and are blinded by their parents so they are profitable beggars are heroes. They are all worthy of that, these are my heroes.” Some have called him the “conscience of photography,” but what Dr. Losack wants is to make people see what they are afraid of. He wants them to understand that a leper is a human being and not the monster many may view them as. In these turbulent times of today the message is clear: “I want them to see that beauty can be ugly and the reverse true also!” Ladies and Gentlemen “the Doctor is in!”

As if photography isnt enough the doctor is avidly composing tunes, jingles and taking his musical chops more seriously. He has written and performed “THE THEME for Dr ROBI” which will appear on various of her venues.
hear it all evolving at

Dr. Losack’s present exhibit, presented by Salon Ciel, “His Photography, His Music” . A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit “Doctors without borders”. He will also have a photographic gallery show in India in January 2010. Details soon to come.

Asheville, North Carolina

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