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Human Resource Management Software

Human Resource Management Software
Human Resource Management - HRM

Control all of your Human resource activities via N- HRM

Human Resource Management Software in Dhaka Bangladesh

Human Resource management software is very much important to an organisation to manage and maintain HR activities such as system administration,Personal information management,time off and leave management and so on.Using N-HRM can make this job easier than anything.You can manage all of your HR activities with a single software.

System Administration

  • Create & generate organizational structure through definition of company information including geographical location, property manage and organizational hierarchies.
  • Company employee job information by defining job title‚ pay grade‚ employment status and identification of equal employment opportunity (EEO) job categories.
  • Manage employee qualification/education information (education, professional licensing) to process promotions and salary increments with other option.
  • Keep note of employee expertise such as skills, language are expertise Area. Track employee membership types and identify  individual designations.

Personnel Info Management (PIM)

  • Store all info through this software  in a central location.
  • Use employee records to manage and update employee contact and travel info.
  • Manage employee’s job information by defining pay grades, salary and other information.
  • Identify reporting module through definition of employee supervisors.
  • Use PIM to keep time to time track of past work experience, educational details, skills and other criteria.
  • View and search  for employee details when needed.
  • Generate customized employee reports.

Leave /Time off Management

  • Define leave types relevant to your organization.
  • Show information on leave entitlement, leave time, account balance, history & paid time-off all in a single screen.
  • Define days-off (staff vacation planning).
  • Allow employees to apply for leave online and Supervisors may approve or reject leave application online also.
  • Send out automatic E-mail notifications of employees and supervisors on leave.

Time & Attendance Management

  • Take advantage of precise project info management.
  • Create timesheets to monitor employee project tasks and activities.
  • Define days-off (weekends and specific holidays).
  • Manage all employees activity timesheets.
  • Make timesheets weekly or monthly.
  • Generate pending or approved time reports.
  • Clear ,accurate and concise attendance tracking for HR administrators and managers.


  • Applicant database
  • Interview scheduling
  • Identify HR managers for job vacancies
  • Keyword tagging for advanced applicant screening
  • Social media recruiting facility  via Facebook
  • Maintenance of candidates/applicant history
  • Vacancies can be posted to an RSS Feed on your website


  • Generate performance reviews using key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to each job title.
  • Allow supervisors / managers  reviewing  subordinates on their performance.
  • Allow employees understanding employer expectations.

Employee Self Service

  • The module grant employees to update personal information independently, subject to user and security parameters.
  • The module includes a vacation management module and online leave application process. The system provides supervisors  to approve or reject vacation and leave requests online.
  • An employee can view a leave summary to keep track of their leave and vacation history.


  • Quick launch panel.
  • Pending leave requests.
  • Employee distribution within departments.

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