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Amar Bangladesh

My Bangladesh. A country full of expressions… A country full of joy… In every face as fresh as Green In every mind as bright as Red.. Your beauty reflects. Two faces from the procession of Victory. One of them showing…

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View from the top of the Fish market in Dhaka. Dhaka (Bangla: ঢাà¦?া, pronounced [É?ʱaka])â?? (Dacca) is the capital city of Bangladesh (Bengali: বাà¦?লাদà§?শ [Ë?baÅ?lad̪eÊ?] Bangladesh). Dhaka, located on the banks of the Buriganga River is a megacity with a…

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When ever I see this picture I feel like it is "Bangladesh" Nababganj, Dhaka, 2005 Nikon F80, 24-105 lens + Polarizer This pictures is open for any form of reproduction. Posted by Orangeadnan on 2007-06-13 09:23:57 Tagged: , River ,…

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