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Naturally Jolly

After watching the camera on my hand, she asked me to take a photo of her little brother with a smile. How can I deny such a smile? I tried to oblige. But the brother blushed and ran away. So…

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Happy Bangladesh

Taken from Manikganj, Bangladesh. ————————————————- All rights reserved. Do not use any of the images in this stream without my permission. Contact me at Posted by Tipu Kibria~~BUSY~~ on 2007-12-25 13:31:30 Tagged: , girl , smile , manikganj ,…

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Posted by noprayer4dying on 2010-07-04 16:34:21 Tagged: , neaz ahmed photography , singer , rock , rocking , mask , Amy Lee of bangladesh , mila islam , live concerts , gp night , microphone , sound , music ,…

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They are [..Sylhet, Bangladesh..]

Jaflong, Sylhet, Bangladesh, 2008. They are spontaneous. Joyful as a waterfall they are. Ignorant of this rude world, they are. And careless of the perils they face…… Because they didn’t born elsewhere. Captured from Jaflong, Sylhet, Bangladesh. Two village girls….

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Window – Chittagong, Bangladesh

Somewhere in Chittagong, Bangladesh. My facebook page: Posted by Maciej Dakowicz on 2013-09-07 16:15:36 Tagged: , bangladesh , asia , travel , tourism , bengal , people , city , Chittagong , children , kid , girl , slum…

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