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2010 Trends For Search Engine Marketing Consulting

2010 Trends For Search Engine Marketing Consulting

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2009 year may have seen the rise of social bookmarking and social media marketing but optimized websites continue to dominate search engine rankings albeit with a few twists.

Internet marketing experts with a keen eye for significant changes in Internet behaviour list the following trends that business consultants, including search engine marketing consulting professionals, must be aware of:

Personalized content

Unique, original and fresh content still rules search engine marketing. But with the volume of web content growing, Internet users are now looking for more relevant and personalized search results such as geo-location, date of publication and social media content.

In order to master this, constant testing of content, keywords and links that are focused on a niche market should form part of your SEO strategy. Use the latest keyword research tools and update web content regularly to test keywords.

Landing page

While blogs remain a tool for improving search engine rankings or introducing new products, it is the landing page that continues to convert visitors into buyers and clients for this year.

A landing page is a single page website or a mini site that contains a call to action for a site visitor to buy, sign up or perform any other desired activity. A good conversion strategy is to develop killer landing page content, test it and keep it if it yields positive results.

Video promotions

Videos continue to be popular among Internet users because of their ability to convey messages faster than text-based content. Adding and viewing videos has also become easy with sites like YouTube and other advanced applications. Increase search rankings by adding relevant videos to your site.

Email marketing

While not strictly speaking a search engine marketing tool, email marketing remains significant because:

* email communication is inexpensive

* consumers still consider email as their primary form of communication

* Email providers beefed up their systems with features like bigger storage space, autoresponders, email filters and integrated social media options

Add opt-in boxes and subscription options to websites to build an email database.

Other trends to take advantage of are:

* content nesting or displaying similar content on a single webpage,

* mobile marketing

* social network marketing in sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and

* price promos such as discounts, coupons and cost savings

Internet trends change constantly but should not be a reason for search engine marketing consulting professionals to jump on any bandwagon without first conducting tests. Review your strategy and retain what works while making modifications in areas that are adversely affected by emerging trends.

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