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Banking GIS – A New Method in Bangladesh

Banking GIS – A New Method in Bangladesh

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GIS is now-a-days a very valuable device for determination creating. When it involves creating a determination relevant to “area”, it arrives to the word ‘GIS’. GIS can make these area relevant decisions and assessment very uncomplicated. It can make the assessment straightforward and precise if the inputs are correct. Consequently 1 can have the benefits of examining spatial info as well as socio-financial info in GIS system.

GIS in produced nations

Produced nations like United states of america, Uk, Japan are working with this technology enormously in distinctive business enterprise sectors beside progress pursuits like actual point out business enterprise, banking, facts sharing and so on. They use it to leverage their performance and also improve output. With GIS, the productivity is amplified and also the determination creating work opportunities are very uncomplicated and precise.

GIS in Bangladesh

In current days, GIS technology is utilized in distinctive sectors of Bangladesh. But the make any difference is it is only utilized to prepare a resource map or danger map of an spot. The examining electrical power of this device is just utilized in those areas. The corporations performing in progress sector are getting ready maps and reports. But the amusing make any difference is maps are well prepared in 1 cell. The individual performing in this cell is well competent in GIS technologies but he has very restricted access or time to see the reports. The reports are well prepared by a further individual who has very restricted expertise about the technology. As a end result, the prospect of this wide technology is ignored. Once more, the scope of working with GIS technology is very wide. As outlined before, area and GIS is relevant to every other. Consequently any corporations performing with area info can use this wide technology to improve their pursuits. For instance, the banking sector has to perform extensively with area. They have to track down their account holders or track down a plot or assets if anyone wants to just take financial loans. Once more any business enterprise corporations can use GIS applications to improve their business enterprise in distinctive areas. They can use this device to just take decisions about setting up their advertising and marketing boards or decide on their routes to source products. The GIS technology can also be utilized to establish long run advancement of the city and establish new areas to business enterprise. In the pursuing discussion, prospects of working with GIS technology in banking sector are highlighted. It is not a whole study report. There may perhaps be lots of other sides where GIS can be valuable for Banks to improve their efficiency and client products and services.

1.Final decision relating to sanction of bank loan- spatial assessment of the plot.

One of the monotonous work opportunities in banking procedure is to present bank loan services for the shoppers. Banks do so as to improve their accessibility to the shoppers. It truly is been being a opposition amid the banking companies that how a financial institution is supplying these services. In undertaking so, Banks need some safety like some obvious assets or set up business enterprise and so on. Now where arrives the obvious assets, the GIS also arrives there. Banks just take mortgage loan to sanction and specify the quantity of bank loan. In undertaking these kinds of determination, banking companies have to analyze the assets or plot like distance from the major road or sizing of the plot, validate the actual proprietor of the plot, present land valuation and so on. They are undertaking these issues manually by likely to the websites or get in touch with with third party for undertaking these work opportunities. This usually takes at minimum thirty days to do the work opportunities and also have to shell out a large amount of cash. It also need a large amount of time to make the determination. Nevertheless there is a further probability to use the same plots to distinctive banking companies for financial loans.

But if they have a GIS databases, they could do the followings effortlessly:

o Do the spatial assessment effortlessly with just 1 click on on the pc.

o Calculate the spot or distance from major road with no likely to the web site/plot.

o Calculate the land value of the spot by examining the surrounding spot.

o Creating a central databases procedure to avert the double bank loan takers make the most of same plots.

o Can lessen the expenditure time by thirty days.

This is a huge factor for any banking companies to lessen their expenditure time. If they can conserve thirty days they can have a income of BDT30-40 lacs (US$42857.fourteen-US$57142.85) per year.

Bank just need the pursuing facts for this assessment:

o Plot/assets area (tackle).

o Owner identify.

o Plot sizing (spot).

o Distance from the major road.

o Adjacent road width.

o Present land use (particular).

o Land value.

o Information of the plot i.e. previous proprietor, circumstance, past bank loan taking condition and so on.

o Crime rate of the spot.

Lots of of the info like plot sizing, distance from the major road, adjacent road width, present land use and so on. can be derived from the digitize map of an spot. Some others are to be collected from the subject stage study.

two.Final decision relating to institution of ATM booth.

Now a day’s banking services is raising swiftly. Each and every financial institution is attempting to just take the products and services to the customer’s residence or offices. ATM is 1 of them. But to present an ATM machine to an spot, Bank has to think distinctive spatial challenges like focus of business land use, focus of debit/credit rating card holders of an spot, route for taking cash to the ATM booth and so on. These all can be carried out effortlessly with a GIS device.

Final decision derived from the map relating to ATM booth:

o Area an ATM serves.

o Factors to establish an ATM.

3.Place of the bank loan takers.

Bank is now paying a large amount of cash to track down the account holders or bank loan takers. They are speaking with their shopper at normal interval to track down them. This position can be created very uncomplicated with GIS as in this article a bank loan taker or shopper can be effortlessly recognized in the map. But for this, the databases has to be normal up to date as this is presently carried out.

o Present tackle of the bank loan takers.

o Change tackle.

o Distance from the branch and route to the tackle.

four.Finest route of the van to produce cash to the ATM booth/branches.

This advantage is reviewed slightly before. A financial institution has to analyze carefully to find the supply route of the van to just take cash to the ATM booths. They have to think about the safety. In GIS, they can do this with making straightforward community topology of the present road and find the ideal routes to just take cash.

5.Final decision relating to institution of new branches.

As banking sector is a fast escalating subject in Bangladesh, lots of new banking companies and branches of present banking companies are setting up now. They have to just take into account distinctive spatial challenges to establish a new financial institution or branch. For instance, they have to do the followings issues:

o Have a basic thought of the spot like land value, socio-financial condition and so on.

o Locate the business land use of the spot.

o Locate the bazaar or marketplace spot.

o Locate the household spot and business enterprise spot.

o Locate the present road community.

All these issues can be effortlessly carried out with a GIS device by examining and querying to extract the info.

six.Final decision relating to range of new expenditure websites for Banks or shoppers

Banks can also just take decisions to track down or establish new probable websites for new investments through GIS. They can analyze an spot with potentiality for financial advancement, present pattern of progress and come to a determination whether they devote in that spot.

With the GIS databases, a financial institution can do the pursuing:

o Regional assessment to establish rewarding area to devote.

o Identify distinctive attraction points of the spot.

o Identify the present land use and business of an spot.

Benefits the Bank can get:

o Improve the client products and services dynamically.

o Considerable Reduction of the maintenance and processing value of the Bank.

o Select the ideal area to establish a new financial institution or branches.

o Choose the ideal route for cash supply van.

o Secure the bank loan approach by maintaining the info in central databases and share it by on the net info management approach.

o Reduce the head rely.

o Database maintenance is very uncomplicated and value is very low.

o Banks can conserve their expenditure relevant inquiry by 1 months.


In conclusion, it can be claimed that banking companies can have large amount of strengths by introducing GIS in their every day pursuits. It can conserve cash, time and manpower which are the focus on of any business enterprise corporations. It is very essential to handle the info as there will be a wide quantity of info they have to cope with. But by setting up a cell or by offering third party the responsibilities to handle and share info, the course of action can be a very rewarding for banking companies or other business enterprise corporations.

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