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Ethernet Cables – How Long Can The Cable Be

Ethernet Cables – How Long Can The Cable Be

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In today’s modern digital world almost of all of us use computers. The chances are if you use a computer you have also used an Ethernet cable. They are used to pass information between devices. A computer would connect to a router or modem with the use of an Ethernet cable. This is how you get your internet connection or network your computer to other computers. There are a few types available, the two most common used categories in use today are Cat5e and Cat6. The difference between the two is speed, cat5e is capable of speeds up to 100 mbs whilst Cat6 is capable of speeds up to 10000 mbs.

A very common question asked of Ethernet cables is how long can they be? The effective range of this type of cable is one hundred meters. Though there are a few things to consider when buying a long Ethernet cable. If you need to use your cable outdoors, perhaps to run around the exterior of a building you need to ask yourself if you need an exterior cable. Not all cables are suitable for outdoor use. Whilst most modern cables have a full PVC cover to protect from moisture, the main problem is damaged caused to the PVC jacket by UV light rays from the sun. Ultra violet rays can over a long period of time, cause the cable to dry out and crack, thus allowing water ingress. It’s worth considering concealing the cable in conduit or some for of piping to protect it from the sun.

With an extra long Ethernet cable it’s a good idea to opt for a cable with shielding. The extra shielding comes in the form of a thin layer of aluminium foil wrapped around the cables in between the internal cable and the outer PVC jacket. The shielding prevents interference from other cables or equipment nearby. You can also consider using a category 6 cable. Cat6 cables are designed to work at higher speeds and have as standard a better level of shielding than standard Cat5e cables. Any network, modem, router or internet connection that requires a cat5e lead will work with Cat6. Both categories share the same eight pin RJ45 connection plug, the only difference between the two being the actual cable used. You can purchase a 50 meter Cat6 lead in the UK for around twenty eight pounds. Whilst ta 50 meter Cat5e will cost around twenty pounds.

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