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Internet Marketing Training Online – 4 Decisive Factors That Make IMMACC The Best Education

Internet Marketing Training Online – 4 Decisive Factors That Make IMMACC The Best Education

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Are you discouraged with trying to find legitimate internet marketing training online? Do you feel skeptical of all the internet marketing courses that promise overnight riches without any work? Are you angry about wasting your time and money on online training programs that fail to teach any real skills? If so, I felt the same way not very long ago. Before I started my internet business I knew I needed training because I lacked even a basic understanding of how to be successful online. In my quest for knowledge I encountered a seemingly endless parade of hucksters promoting one bogus “Ninja Turn-key Secret Formula” after another. Needless to say, they never lived up to the inflated hype.

But, undaunted, I continued my search. My persistence finally paid off when I gratefully found IMMACC, the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center. Below I discuss the four principal factors that distinguish IMMACC from the massive horde of inferior online marketing training programs that litter the internet landscape.

1. Quality Company

This tops the list. IMMACC is totally committed to providing its members with a practical internet marketing education. There are no ludicrous promises of instant wealth or any motivational claptrap. Throughout the learning process you’re taught useful, down-to-earth technical and marketing skills that actually enable you to make money online.

2. Personal Coaching

This is absolutely vital. The leading reason for so much failure on the internet is the lack of one-on-one mentoring. When you take your internet marketing training online with IMMACC you are not alone. You will join through a sponsor who will be there to guide you through the learning process. Of course, you have to do the work. Your sponsor can’t study for you or build your business. But, even with our detailed training tutorials you may still need some assistance through those challenges we all face when learning online marketing. When you get stuck help is just a phone call, email or instant message away.

3. All Inclusive

Our training is complete. Before I discovered IMMACC everything that I wanted to learn was spread all over the internet. To get the education I wanted I bought scores of different courses from questionable promoters who vanished behind their websites once they had my money. Much too often the material was disorganized, poorly presented and imparted no meaningful knowledge. I’m sure you’ve experienced this too.

With IMMACC everything needed to study internet marketing online is conveniently housed in our private members’ back office. To date, we have nearly 200 video training modules adding up to more than 700 hours of internet marketing instruction. New training is added constantly and there are live training webinars throughout the week.

Members have access to in-depth tutorials that teach how to create sales funnels which include a landing page, an email autoresponder series and a payment processor.

We learn how to send highly targeted traffic to the sales funnel with proper keyword research and analysis, search engine optimization, article marketing, video marketing, social media (Facebook, Twitter) and blogging.

Our members are taught how to create relevant backlinks to online content with techniques like social bookmarking and commenting on blogs.

The bottom line? No more digging around the web for each facet of your education. Under one roof we have everything you need to get your online business started and into profit in the shortest amount of time.

4. Video Training

The IMMACC tutorials are presented on clear, high-resolution online videos. No clumsy books and CD’s. No ebooks crammed with grainy, hard to read screen captures. Forget the hassle of flying off to a preposterously overpriced weekend “boot camp”. Our online video tutorials accommodate your schedule and you can access them anywhere you have an internet connection.

Our video trainings are current. Marketing and SEO methods that were effective a few years ago might not work today. Google and the other search engines are always tinkering with their algorithms. To be of any real value an online marketing course must teach the most up to date strategies.

The IMMACC training videos offer the most current SEO and marketing methods used by top earners to make significant money online. New education is added to the members’ private back office when the company recognizes an emerging strategy that will help grow our online business. Importantly, we stay away from “black hat” gimmicks frowned upon by the search engines. Look…

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