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Pizza Marketing Tips – 7 Pizza Marketing Strategies That Work

Pizza Marketing Tips – 7 Pizza Marketing Strategies That Work

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In this article, I am not going to explain few regular strategies of pizza marketing. I will tell you few out-of-box strategies. Here are the details.

a. Special pizza: Make a delicious new pizza item which is not available in any other shop and market it this way.

1. Take close-up pictures of it and place big postures of it inside and outside your store.

2. Place the new pizza item in your store in such a way that all the people who come and leave the shop can see it.

3. Give a paper ad about it.

b. Seasonal offers: Offer special discount offers and prepare new pizza items for festivals like Christmas. Name the pizza after the festival.

c. Partner with local ad agencies: Provide 40% discount coupons to local advertising agencies and ask them to do door-to-door marketing. Ask your sales team to encourage people to buy them so that they can give away the coupon cards as gift items to their friends.

d. New schemes: Try to think about new offers and schemes. Give away items like t-shirts and caps to the people who bought more number of pizzas in your shop. Make sure that the items have your brand name and website URL.

e. Social networking: Ask your customers to follow you on Twitter and Facebook. Giveaway few pizza samples for free every month. Tell them that they would announce the lucky winners on Twitter and Facebook.

f. Videos: Every month, make a video that shows how to prepare delicious pizzas in home. Upload the videos in Facebook and YouTube.

g. SEO: You can also optimize your site or blog with the low competition keywords like “how to make pizzas” etc to drive more and more people to your site.

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