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Serve It Hot: A Way of Sustaining Intimate Relationships in This Digital Age

Serve It Hot: A Way of Sustaining Intimate Relationships in This Digital Age

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Digital Love is also about love in this Digital Age. Love seems to be different is this time of life. Love now has far different colors to stay exciting. Marriages soon become just unions of agreement between two that share responsibilities of earning a living and raising offspring; leaving the craving for soul mates that really understand, satisfy inward and sexual cravings, and offer a listening ear when one needs attention. School, work, ambition and career has taken all the time that in the midst of so much happening, there’s extreme boredom, emptiness and loneliness. Someone has become a booty call and the other a wife. One is a sex-mate, the other a girlfriend. It has even gone far that friends extend their boundaries to enjoy benefits. Whatever it is like, it is the craving of the soul for something emotionally engaging, hot and available. The Digital Age has taken so much from us and of us we do whatever we can to still feel something. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we do. It is more of a survival instinct than ethical living.

However, I want to share something. I want to tell us how we can serve it hot so our love stays exciting. How we can live in this Age and still get to live and love and be happy.

I want to introduce something. Please do not mind what I introduce but understand my reasoning: I introduce “Sex.”

As ridiculous as Sex may be or how awkward my introduction turned out after a great buildup, there’s something therein. Maybe I start with the power sex has and many say that Sex changes everything when people start having sex in a relationship. It is only something that has power that can cause change and what I may be talking about now is using the power Sex has to our favor.

l may now sound like a pervert but I am only the bold one to tell you the fact and not hide it because I am taking precautions on how you misuse sex. l prefer to say it all and caution you, than hide it and watch you stay wanting in your relationship.

There is a reality that sex has destroyed kingdoms according to history. Some would mention a powerful man and the mistress that controlled him or destroyed him. Well, the thing is that Sex is a miracle that binds together; the power that bends a will; and the expression of passion or lust from within us. Mind the import: Sex doesn’t just happen but there is a lure or call from deep down us.

Have you ever thought it out that the person that you are most sexually free and adventurous with is the person you find really hard to ignore, even when you broke up with the person. People are still sleeping with the ‘EX’ helplessly… The sexual life of a couple explains their relationship bond. If the sex is a one-sided affair, it entails the state of the union is one-sided. But when the two can participate, contribute, explore, experience, talk in-between and deeply kiss in the sexual affair, there’s more to it than the Sex (lol). The spark of happiness of a couple comes from their sexual behavior. The power to forgive one another, tolerate something, believe and even hope for the best could be inspired by a wonderful Sexual behavior with a partner. Many at times, it is when you’re having sex and your intimate chord is stroke that you feel deeply in love.

l may be talking about the initial feeling of sex and love before we grew older and reality happened. Yes l talk about it because some of what we call our reality is our fears and disappointments that stopped us from living and could leave us lonely and bitter if we do not change before our Aging years. I would say that our teen/young adult love and sexual instincts were true. Now we may be reacting than living.

Anyways, the deed is done. Sex is introduced in different shades that your imagination and honesty can fill in the blanks. Now I have to relate sex to my topic ‘Serve it hot’.

Oh yes, Serve it Hot is my headline way of saying Serve Sex Hot. Like food, sex is beautiful served hot, then you have the option to let it cool, not the loss of appetite or lack of inviting aroma from steam. However I mean more than the sex itself because what makes for that sparkle of happiness in a relationship is not just the sex action, but the chemistry and relationship.

  • Serve it Hot means you should say YES early. Taking time could be a real turn off in this Digital Age when life is on the fast smart lane and patience infuriates.

I have to break it to you that Hard to Get may be an old School mate. There are many luring options one can consider against you and you miss your moment.

Hard to get now seems some kind of insecurity and Testing someone has you play God or assume you’re better or righteous. These are behaviors that many now abhor. People analyze and reason a lot these days. And people’s image of you go on to matter if you want that true happiness as you could win the one you love but the opinion of others around could hurt that relationship. People like people that are real and true. And these days too, real and true is going with the flow and coming down from high horses, at least for Love.

I rather you mix your early yes with maturity. Say yes because it appears as what suits you not an intentional stall. You will always be respected for knowing what you want and going for it. To a guy, a woman that knows and goes for what she wants is more attractive than cheap. You take that edge and partial control from the man and that is sexy. The natural turn on for a man is not a woman that is high and mighty but subtly powerful to seem submissive whereas she has control and has the man depend on her for some decisions, not the fight of Will.

However, hard to get works for players. If you stall players, you could help them come to love you. But then you have to have your own game to keep this Player that could be bored over time. And then it comes back to what we are saying – do your thing not stall to have something. Options are much now and patience is rare in the Digital Age. Catch your moment. It is better the guy is himself early than change against you later when you are deep down in love.

  • Serve it Hot also means you should be spontaneous. Follow your tickle or kick. A quickie in time lights up your day and leaves unending smiles. It keeps the fondness and chemistry strong. Waiting till the right time kills the fire or makes the food cold and ordinary. Who enjoys cold ordinary food If not just for eating sake? Serve your sex hot and endear your partner to never forget you.
  • Serve it Hot also means you should add adventure. Become a high school boy or girl again. Hide and Seek each other. Carve out time from work, kids and career to have it in different places. Plan something out of the box together and commit to carry it out. Don’t really Plan a surprise else you have a 50-50 chance to be ridiculed or endeared. Let your sex life together make you feel guilty in a way it feels like fun in the boy’s bathroom in high school. Crime mates love each other more. They share all the secrets and adore their union.
  • Dress sexy and go out together – This is really hot. Your sparkle of happiness will bring you so much attention that your relationship wants to enjoy. Mind you, dress sexy does not only go for the woman, guys too. Let your colors match sometimes.

The combination of outdoor life, eyes on you, matching colors and maybe a quickie in the car or bathroom wins your relationship more years or life span – Sure as the outings are purposeful, and work or responsibility is totally taken off the Outing’s To Do List and would not be introduced. The magic that makes this happen is the pride you have with each other, the time you spend together, the words you share and joke about, the eyes that look at the two of you and enjoy seeing you, and the fondness that made the quickie happen before it gets cold at home – becomes a routine.

Serving it Hot keeps You alive. You hardly age. You will be fun even to your friends and colleagues in the office. You would be happy. So tell me, what else do you want?

If your answer is Happiness, Serve it Hot!!!

N I Biz Soft Team
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