What Does A Software Development Company Do?

What Does A Software Development Company Do?

A Software Development Company is a warehouse of creativity.Software industry is totally different than any other industrial sector in Bangladesh.It makes your dream alive and your thoughts real.You might be interested about how do they do that.You will get a brief idea from here.

A software company provides different types of services such as :

Custom and application software development services such as Web design and development,Mobile App Development, Android & iOS Development and So on.

Each and every service has different working module but they have a basic structure too.We’ll discuss here the basic structure of software development.

Software Development Company standard working process :

Planning :

At first they work on generating a  clean idea of doing something new and creative.Which would be effective for personal  or business use.As soon as they generate the idea next target is to list features of the upcoming software.

Analysis and Design:

After finalizing the idea a basic design is structured up.Which is called graphical user interface shortly user interface or UI.


Choosing the right platform is  most important in software development process.Its necessary to choose the right platform,framework via which it can be maintained and controlled easily  according to its functionalities.

Software testing:

After completing design and coding its sent to testing department for quality analysis via different types of test cases to check if any error exists.If its error free then the newly developed software awaits for implementation.


In this stage the software is tested in different types of systems by user, buyer or client.If it works smoothly ,then the software is ready to be  get  launched. If it seems to have any errors then its resent to testing department again to find out the errors and make it an error free user friendly  and effective software.

This way a  software development company do the software development job.

software development company work process

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