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Naturally Jolly

After watching the camera on my hand, she asked me to take a photo of her little brother with a smile. How can I deny such a smile? I tried to oblige. But the brother blushed and ran away. So…

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True Heroes [..Dhaka, Bangladesh..]

A nation’s true heroes always remain behind the curtain. The black curtain, created by us. We, those who fear hard work. ….those who income millions a day signing some papers. Who become very tired after one hour of work. …………..we…

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The Epic River – 30

This is a story of intertwined fates. A saga of the inseparable bond between a river and its people. You have heard about the vastness of Amazon and rich history of Nile. But there is a river that hides an…

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Future Model Town..? [Dhaka, Bangladesh]

Around Dhaka …still some waterbodies are left..like this …. on the river Balu….u can find some signboards of housing developers… Dhaka, Bnagladesh Reserved all Rights.Please do not use this Photograph, without my prior permission.Please send me a Flickr mail or…

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