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Incredible BANGLADESH 44/365

Incredible BANGLADESH 44/365

Incredible  BANGLADESH 44/365

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Preface _ Three Hundred Sixty Five Project :

BANGLADESH, a Land of Fertility and Dhaka is the capital city a Country of Land, boat /river , hills and sea, The Longest sea beach Cox Bazar and Famous Mangrove Sundorban is the tourist attraction with heritage of Old days makes One Nostalgic. BANGLADESH is born out of series of political movements ,Those Started with Language movement in 1952 , followed by Non cooperation Movement in 1969 and finally ended up with Liberation war in 1971,
Jute , The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh is world wide famous while now Garmentsbecame the economical backbone of the country, Bangladesh has a Long rich cultural and Literatures heritage, with our noble Laurent Poet Nobel Laurent Rabindranath Tagore., Followed by Kazi Nazrul Islam and Jibanananda Das.

The country BANGLASDESH is a land of fertility for Agriculture, while Livestock’s are the main driving force for the rural life, Education had been the prime concerned for people of these days . Bangladesh has the glory to Inaugurate ICC World cup Cricket in 2011 at Mirpur stadium,
Season has Lot of credit in photography , along with the landscape. Heritage. Rivers cape, and Life style, People here enjoy festival in Bangladesh almost every month, Sometimes they are religious an most of the time seasonal, thus allow good subjects for Image capturing,
Let’s we EXPLORE Our Beautiful BANGLADESH.


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[704525122010-SUNSET DIGOMBOR-2_PS-1_44-365]

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