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Mother and Child

To understand converting some picture in black and white, you need to understand one thing 1st, not all the pictures will give you eye catching black and white results. You need to understand what you want to show at the…

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The Rickshaw-Van

It belongs to Matin, a customer at the Bose Brothers…. This is an all purpose vehicle, it can used to carry all sorts of goods and even people sometimes…. I think its so beautiful. Nandan Kanon, Chittagong Posted by N…

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Watching the blood flow….

My father and my daughter this morning, watching the bulls being slaughtered. At the end it was too much for Basma, I remember when she called me near she was trembling but this visual experience will remain with her for…

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A dog in the fog….

New year’s day in front of Bose Brothers, early winter morning with some heavy fog and ofcourse, a dog…. Nandan Kanon, Chittagong Posted by N A Y E E M on 2011-01-14 07:30:36 Tagged: , Dog , Fog , Early…

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Nawab Ali

A rickshaw-walla these days but he has worked in all sorts of different places, mainly in the railways where he worked for more than 15 years and never got promoted. Here its like if you don]t have enough money to…

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Come on, you can smile….

Trying to control a genuine smile is not that easy…. Al Amin works in the kitchen for the famous Bose Brothers, he is yet to reach his teens and he knows all about photographers, he knows of joy and sorrow…….

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