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Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

To understand converting some picture in black and white, you need to understand one thing 1st, not all the pictures will give you eye catching black and white results. You need to understand what you want to show at the end result of the image. Best way to convert an image to black and white begins with a single raw file. Raw is the digital negative of an image and you will have more channels and lights to work with without destroying clarity and introducing unnatural effects. People, who shoot in JPG mode, should consider shooting in raw.

I am getting emails about how do I convert images to black and white, and about my camera, lens etc. since you guys make an effort to write to me, I decided to write you back here.

Here is the shortcut for you, select your raw file and send it to adobe photoshop(I use CS4), file should be in tif format with 16 bits. Now from your keyboard, type ALT+SHIFT+CONT+B which will open a dialog box of the black and white channel mix. Now in the drop down menu, you can see various presets. You can play around with it till you find something suitable, else you can play with the channels like RED BLUE GREEN etc and check for which mix gives the subject to stand out. Always check on the image curves, shadows, lights, skin tone etc. Make sure you think about how you want to present your image. In this black and white image, I choose to present it as a soft, peaceful composition defusing the lights giving it a soft glow. I have added a tint which you can also add.

A simple picture can appear dramatic in black and white. Its also possible to get carried away with the images. Today’s photographers prefer to make the image eye soothing with high dynamic range of lights and also sharpness. Adding extra contrast and very dark subjects are less popular.

You can’t produce a good black and white over night; it takes practice and patients to perfect your skills. And ofcourse, you need to love black and white photography in 1st place 🙂 good luck.

Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Location: Tatipara, Tangail, Bangladesh

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Posted by Shabbir Ferdous on 2009-12-03 08:59:31

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