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A Natural Transition From CID to Reverse Phone Number Look Up

A Natural Transition From CID to Reverse Phone Number Look Up

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In 2005, the United States census did a study on the decrease of households who have a telephone land line. American’s who were 18 – 29 and were cell phone owners went from 35% to 81% from 1998 to 2005. Over this same time, this age group decreased in land line ownership from 93% to 71%. Overall landline phone ownership dropped from 96% to 91% from 1998 to 2005. However 98% of householders who were 65 and over still own a land line. Over this same time the percentage of households who owned computers went from 42% to 67%.

Major telephone companies in the United States started offering Type II caller identification systems in 1995. This allowed homeowners to screen calls and decreased the amount of telephony harassment and social hacking. However with cell phones taking a major foothold in household main telephone line usage, caller identification systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past. It is no surprise that this has spawned a large increase in the need for reverse phone number search services over the internet. With the large majority of cell phone owners now having access to the internet over there cellular phones caller identification can now be done from anywhere in the world using services that offer reverse phone number look up.

A large number of web sites are offering this service over the internet but it is important to find a service that is spam-free and can be trusted because advanced information regarding a phone number can sometimes be offered for a small fee. Although most of the time searches are free and a free reverse phone number look up is still very helpful in investigating malicious telephony activity. A reverse phone number look up can be performed on any land line, cell phone, toll free, or VoIP phone number.

Immediate call back may be the first intuition when receiving a strange phone call but this can be dangerous or embarrassing. Caller identification was a major invention in the land line telephone industry but until this same service is offered through mobile phone service companies; take advantage of online services that returns detailed information on phone numbers.

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