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Bangladesh – Top 5 Art and Cultural Centers to Visit

Bangladesh – Top 5 Art and Cultural Centers to Visit

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Bangladesh has a number of art centers and cultural centers being the country rich with rare and unusual historical pieces. These art galleries and cultural centers display the most valuable artifacts considering the country’s well kept treasures. These artifacts are found mostly within the ruins of the ancient buildings and castles in the country. The collections were then displayed and had been open to the public inside these museums.

Though Art and Cultural centers are numerous in Bangladesh, here are the top five must-see Art and Cultural centers of the country:

o    Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts – located in an attractive residential building in the suburbs of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The art gallery is truly beautiful inside and out. It has an amazing garden right outside the building, and a beautiful and artistically designed interior. The building’s spectacular beauty can be viewed the by guests right after they enter the gallery. Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts is the home of the country’s valued art designs and art pieces. The gallery was officially opened to the public in 2000, and has become the leading gallery of Fine Arts ever since. Bengal gallery has already organized many exhibitions and has showcased the works of almost 300 artists both local and abroad. The gallery has been a regular showroom for artworks of Bangladeshi artists.

o    National Art Gallery – this gallery was built in 1974. It is located inside the Shilpaka Academy in Dhaka. The gallery is a two story building, which consists of a number of exhibition halls and work shops. These work shops are being used today for educational purposes such as lectures and practical working. The National Art Gallery is the country’s true historical treasure. It holds the most precious and valuable historical materials of Bangladesh.

o    Saju Art Gallery – located in Gulshan suburbs of Dhaka. For more than three decades, the gallery has been a favorite of artists to display and exhibit their artworks. Tha Saju Art gallery is owned by Ramiz Ahmed Chowdhury Saju, who is now a well respected personality among artists, art dealers and the critics. The Saju Art Gallery is best visited any time of the year.

o    Drik Gallery – a very well-known establishment in Bangladesh for its stylish layout and its beautiful exhibited artworks. Thousands of visitors come here each year to witness different art displays. The gallery is much dedicated to photography and also other arts like painting and sculpture. Drik Gallery also opens various workshops throughout the year prior to the subject of the exhibit.

o    Chitrak Gallery – located in Dhanmondi, a residential area in Dhaka. Different art exhibitions with different themes are held here, consequently so the visitors can always have something new. There are also various events that the gallery organizes such as charitable events where they promote to earn funds for schools and to earn money for feeding programs.

Bangladesh is truly a country of arts. Here is the home of the most artistic and art geniuses of the world which mirrors the country’s beautiful country.

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