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Condition of English in Bangladesh: Next Language or Foreign Language

Condition of English in Bangladesh: Next Language or Foreign Language

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Mom tongue or initially language is possibly the most beloved detail for any man or woman. The dilemma of language has resulted into lots of conflicts and discontentment. The primary example of these discontentment is the Language Motion of 1952 in Bangladesh. On the other hand we can not stay in isolation. We have to be in make contact with with the speakers of other languages. Bangladesh is viewed as to be a monolingual place in which far more than 98% of the populace is speakers of Bangla language. However, there are far more than 10 languages in these a little place like Bangladesh. Monipuri, Urdu, Chakma, Santali, Garo, Rakhain, Tipra- are just some of the other languages present in Bangladesh.

The fascinating detail is that Urdu is a Indo-European language but written in Arabic script, Santali belongs to the Mono-Khemar language family when Chakma belongs to the Chinese-Barmese language team. So, while Bangladesh is frequently portrayed as a place of linguistic unity dependent on Bangla language in truth it has noteworthy linguistic variety. To communicate with the speakers of other languages we possibly want to know their language or communicate in a Lingua-Franca that is comprehensible to each of us.

Now, the environment has become a worldwide village. Thanks to the development of conversation process and technology. Every single place is dependent on other individuals for trade and commerce, education and learning, politics and so on. As a result, we have to regularly communicate with other nations around the world and speakers of other languages. 3rd environment nations around the world like Bangladesh have to rely on overseas support because they are not self-enough. As a result, lots of foreigners occur to Bangladesh. A third factor is the factor of religion. The sacred language of the Muslims is Arabic, Sanskrit for Hindus, Pali for the Buddhists and Latin for the Christians.

All these factors remind us the necessity for mastering other language(s) in addition to our mom tongue. In accordance to this truth lots of nations around the world of the environment have adopted a European language as second language which is frequently made use of in education and learning, regulation courtroom, economic pursuits and govt works. These languages have most of the time formal standing in the constitution of those people nations around the world. Numerous of the situations the nations around the world have adopted the language of their previous colonial rulers as the second language. In some cases these languages are also termed formal language. In lots of African nations around the world we can see this picture. On the other hand, some European languages have become really significant in the environment for literary and economic uses. For example, German and French are viewed as to be significant languages of the environment because each of them have influential literature and economic aspects associated with them.

For example, lots of individuals in our place are fascinated to find out French because it may perhaps help them to get UN jobs and jobs in Multinational companies. One more attractive drive for mastering French in Bangladesh is that it may perhaps help us to immigrate to Canada as ability in French language presents a man or woman some additional factors in the stage process of Canadian immigration.

The title of my investigate is “Standing of English in Bangladesh: Next language or overseas language?” I have chosen this subject because from sociolinguistic stage of watch the standing of English is a really fascinating a person. On the a person hand English language is dominantly present in each individual facet of our national daily life when on the other hand in our constitution it is obviously declared that the language of the place is Bangla. In reality, very little is reported about the standing of English language in our constitution. On a person hand, economic pursuits in the personal companies are carried out in English when there is a govt regulation (Bangla procholon ain1987) that govt offices will have to use Bangla in their formal works. So from the govt stage of watch Bangla is the national- formal language of Bangladesh and English is the most significant overseas language. But in truth English is the second language of the place and in lots of sites English is far more significant than Bangla in Bangladesh.

Next language:

A second language is any language other than the initially, or native, language acquired it is commonly made use of because of geographical or social explanations. The expression is to be distinguished from overseas language linguist Eric Lenneberg employs second language in his critical period of time hypothesis to mean a language consciously acquired or made use of by its speaker just after puberty. In most situations, individuals under no circumstances obtain the same degree of fluency and comprehension in their second languages as in their initially language.

Historically in Europe, the most widely made use of second language (or lingua franca) was Latin. It was made use of by the Church by the Regulation (as it nonetheless is these days) in Medication (setting up considerably later) Horticulture and organic classification of vegetation, animals, fruits, nuts, and so on.

Latin was made use of so considerably across Europe that it was termed the vulgar (or widespread tongue) this is why the Latin model of the Bible is termed the Vulgate.

Presently, English is viewed as the world’s most prevalent second language it is made use of in regions as assorted as the web, television and radio, and international aviation.

The good results of English in the course of the environment stems from two important triggers: the much reaching impact of the British Empire, and the 20th century (and continuing) dominance of the United States in the fields of business enterprise and entertainment.

French was for a time the lingua franca (the origin of expression) in Europe. In background, each England and France had been dominated by a single crown – the language made use of by the royal courtroom was French (English was viewed as “the peasant’s language”). Later on, as was the case with English, the French empire distribute its language through colonization. French carries on to be a person of the world’s most widely spoken languages. (Supply: Wikipedia)

If we seem at the definition of second language then we can very easily say that English is the second language of Bangladesh. It is widely made use of in lots of components of our national daily life. Numerous individuals enjoy English television channels and also use Web. The students have to study it for twelve several years and those people who want to join civil provider by attending BCS test also have to sit for English examination. The only detail that is lacking from the higher than definition is the reality that other than for formal instances no a person speaks in English in Bangladesh. It is not the language made use of in dwelling amid family customers and amid pals in casual conversation.

Foreign language:

A overseas language is a language not spoken by the indigenous individuals of a certain place: for example, English is a overseas language in Japan. It is also a language not spoken in the native place of the man or woman referred to, i.e. an English speaker living in Japan can say that Japanese is a overseas language to him or her.

Some children find out far more than a person language from beginning or from a really younger age: they are bilingual. These children can be reported to have two mom tongues: neither language is overseas to that little one, even if a person language is a overseas language for the vast the vast majority of individuals in the kid’s beginning place. For example, a little one mastering English from her English mom in Japan can converse each English and Japanese, but neither is a overseas language to her. (Supply- Wikipedia)

From the higher than definition, it is found that overseas language refers to a language that is not native to a man or woman. From this stage of watch English can be viewed as as a overseas language in Bangladesh since it is not native in our place. Barely any Bangladeshi man or woman speaks in English while lots of of them use it in education and learning and business enterprise.

Official language:

An formal language is one thing that is presented a distinctive standing in the nations around the world, states, and other territories. It is commonly the language made use of in a nation’s legislative bodies, nevertheless the regulation in lots of nations requires that govt paperwork be made in other languages as well.

Formally recognized minority languages are frequently mistaken for formal languages. However, a language formally recognized by a condition, taught in schools, and made use of in formal conversation is not essentially an formal language. For example, Ladin and Sardinian in Italy and Mirandese in Portugal are only formally recognized minority languages, not formal languages in the rigid sense.

50 % of the nations around the world in the environment have formal languages. Some have only a person formal language, these as Albania, France, or Lithuania, despite the reality that in all these nations around the world there are other native languages spoken as well. Some have far more than a person formal language, these as Afghanistan, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Eritrea, Finland, India, Paraguay, South Africa, and Switzerland.

In some nations around the world, these as Iraq, Italy, Russia and Spain, there is an formal language for the place, but other languages are co-formal in some significant locations. Some nations around the world, these as Australia, Sweden, Tuvalu, and the United States have no formal languages.

The formal languages of some former colonies, commonly French or English, are not the national languages or the most widely spoken language.

In contrast, as a consequence of nationalism, Irish is the “national language” of the Republic of Ireland and its initially formal language, while it is spoken by only a little portion of its individuals. English, which is spoken by the the vast majority, is explained only as the second formal language (Structure of Ireland, Posting eight).

In some nations around the world, the concern of which language is to be made use of in what context is a important political concern.(Supply-Wikipedia)

From the higher than definition, it is found that the idea of formal language is complex. In accordance to our constitution English can not be termed as the formal language of Bangladesh since it has no standing in our constitution. The only language that is pointed out in our constitution is Bangla. But English is allowed in our parliament and lots of govt gatherings. For example, when there is a govt party in which some foreigners show up at then in lots of situations the speakers use English language. Numerous significant govt paperwork are written each in Bangla and English. The parliament proceedings are saved into these two languages. When a govt body organizes a good then frequently the memento is published in English.


About the language of the place the Bangladeshi constitution obviously states:

“The condition language.

The condition language of the Republic is [Bangla].”

(Supply: [].)

In the constitution very little is pointed out about the standing of English. English is not pointed out as a second language or formal language. So if we get the standing of English in our constitution then we are unable to claim that English is a Next language or Official Language in Bangladesh.

English in Regulation courtroom in Bangladesh:

Soon after Independence the govt took the initiative to carry out Bangla language in regulation courtroom. As a result, now the decrease courts carry out their pursuits in Bangla but English is still really influential in Substantial Courtroom and Supreme Courtroom. If a lawyer needs to practice in Supreme courtroom then he will have to have a superior command more than English language. Numerous of the judges nonetheless give their verdicts in English language. It would seem that this development of using English will keep on being for the forcible future.

English in Training sector in Bangladesh:

Formal and institutionalized education and learning process begun in Bangladesh all through the British rule. At that time Bangladesh was element of British India. There was a discussion about the medium of education and learning. Raja Rammohan Roy argued that the medium should really be English fairly than Sanskrit or Persian. During the British period of time the medium of education and learning was mainly in English. Calcutta University took an initiative in 1935 to introduce Bangla as a medium of education and learning together with English. In Bangladesh the use of Bangla in higher education degree begun in the sixties. Now students can reply in the examinations in Bangla or English. In the higher education degree and university degree just after 1971 the govt attempted to patronize Bangla and carry out it by changing English in the education and learning sector but this did not came into truth because of some fundamental issues. The initially dilemma is that there had been not enough textbooks of any field in Bangla language. This dilemma is far more acute in science and technology. For example, there are just about no textbooks in Bangla about personal computer technology that can be made use of as a reference reserve in the University degree.

Really there are a few types of education and learning methods in our place- Bangla medium, English medium, and Madrasa process. Bangla medium schools can be divided into two sections- govt schools, and kindergarten schools. In the kindergarten schools far more emphasis is presented on English language than govt schools. Some of the renowned kindergarten schools of Dhaka are Vikarounnesa, Holycross, Willes Very little Flower, and so on. Despite the fact that these schools belong to Bangla medium the students have to study three-four English textbooks like: Radiant Way, Lively English, Desk Function, Elementary English, Brighter Grammar, and so on. On the other hand in the govt schools there is predominantly a person English reserve (English for Now) which is published by Bangladesh Text Book Board. The English medium schools do not stick to Bangladeshi education and learning process and are underneath the supervision of British Council. The medium of instruction in these schools is English and lots of of the students of English medium are even really weak in Bangla language. There are two types of Madrassas – Dakhil and Kawmi. The Kawmi Madrassas are not recognized by the govt and do not get any support from the govt. In this Madrassas emphasis is presented on mastering Arabic, Persian, and Urdu when Bangla and English are neglected. On the other hand in Dakhil Madrassas emphasis is predominantly presented on Arabic and Bangla and English are not so considerably neglected.

So we can obviously see that the variance in education and learning process in Bangladesh is exclusively dependent on the variance in the medium of education and learning. Despite the fact that Bangla is the Countrywide-Official language of Bangladesh it is the English medium education and learning institutes who get far more cash. The increase of personal universities has only greater the standing and worth of English language in Bangladesh. There are now far more than 50 personal Universities in Bangladesh and the medium of education and learning in all of them is English. These universities cost 2 lakh to 5 lakh taka for Bachelor system. If the medium of education and learning was in Bangla then rarely any college student or parents would get fascinated to spend these huge cash for the education and learning in personal universities.

From the higher than dialogue it is crystal clear that in our general education and learning process English has equal if not far more worth than Bangla. In our education and learning process English is genuinely the Next language as all the students have to study it as a compulsory subject matter for twelve several years.

English and Administration:

During the language movement the individuals of Bangladesh had been worried that if Urdu was founded as the Point out Language of Pakistan then all the govt pursuits will be carried out in Urdu and our individuals will go through. As a result of the language movement, the Pakistani Routine saved on carrying out govt pursuits in English language. Soon after Bangladesh became independent the govt of Awami League resolved to replace English with Bangla in administrative works but just after the death of Sheikh Mujib this process came to a halt and English continued to keep on being as the dominant language. It was all through the rule of Ershad Bangla Procholon Aeen of 1987 was created and executed. From that time English begun to reduce its importance in administration. However, it has to be pointed out that all the international conversation of Bangladesh govt is carried out through English.

English in Financial pursuits:

The financial system of Bangladesh is dependent on overseas aids and export of some widespread objects like completely ready made clothes, jute, tea, fish and so on and also we import a lot of matters. Bangladesh is not self enough economically. Buying and selling is far more well known than generation. Buying and selling requires frequent conversation with overseas companies. Numerous of the companies who are associated in investing have to use English in dealing with foreigners. Suppose, a firm is carrying out investing with China which is not an English speaking place. Then the firm has to make contact with the Chinese firm in English. If we seem at the adverts of the personal sector jobs then we can very easily detect that most of the career adverts are posted in English. Even most of the personal sector career adverts that are posted in Bengali newspapers are posted in English. Pretty much all the personal jobs condition that the candidates will have to have superior proficiency in English language. Pretty much all the community limited companies publish their once-a-year experiences in English. Some of these companies develop a Bangla model of their once-a-year report but the emphasis is often on English. So it is crystal clear that English is the dominant language in our economic pursuits.

Comparison of English with Arabic, Sanskrit, and Pali in Bangladesh:

Arabic, Sanskrit and Pali are the religious languages of Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists respectively. Even the uneducated individuals try out to find out these languages as they are viewed as to be holy. If we evaluate the mastering of English with these languages then we can see that English is presented far more worth. For example, the tuition fee of a English coaching centre is considerably increased than that of an Arabic coaching centre. English personal tutors get four-5 situations far more cash than Arabic personal tutors (Huzur). So while Arabic has religious sentiment connected to it English is viewed as to be far more significant as it has economic reward.

Comparison of English overseas languages like French, German, and Farsi:

French and German have become really well known for economic explanations in our place. Learning these languages help us to increase our possibility to get a UN career. Learning French is also helpful for having immigration to Canada. Also there are superior services to find out these languages in Dhaka University, Alliance Francaise, and Goethe Institute. Lately, the English Institute of North South University has released French system. On the other hand all through the Muslim reign Farsi was the language of the Royal administration and regulation courtroom in Bangladesh. At present, a college student can show up at Farsi system for a person semester by just spending tk. 250 in Iran Cultural Centre but there are not lots of students who are fascinated to find out Farsi, French, and German. On the other hand, hundreds of students each year show up for TOEFL and IELTS examinations in English language.

From the higher than picture it is crystal clear that the standing of English is considerably increased than overseas languages like German, French, and Farsi. We can not deny the truth that if a man or woman is superior at English then he can make cash in any element of Bangladesh but if a man or woman is superior at French, German, or Farsi he has rarely any scope to make cash by using his capabilities in these languages.


From the dialogue so much there is no doubt that English is the second language of Bangladesh but this truth is not mirrored in our constitution. Formally Bangladesh is not identified as an ESL place to the outdoors environment. So Bangladesh should really be declared as an ESL place by the govt with no any delay. We find out English not because we like Shakespeare or Dickens. We find out English from out of each individual working day necessity. If Bangladesh is declared as an ESL place and English language is presented a crystal clear standing in the constitution then it will not only reflect the truth but also it will help us internationally. Now Bangladesh is desperately striving to bring in overseas investors. Just before any firm will come to Bangladesh for exploring the investment opportunities a person of the crucial regions they would seem for is the availability of pool of English graduates and they also assume that the regular employees will have fundamental being familiar with of English language. If we become an ESL place then these overseas companies when browsing about Bangladesh will get certain about the sturdy existence of English language in this place.

The same picture is there about educational sector. Numerous Bangladeshi students want to go to created nations around the world like United states, Uk , Canada, and Australia for increased education and learning. If Bangladesh is declared as an ESL place then these students will be benefited because then the Universities of those people nations around the world will get the notion that English has special importance in Bangladesh.

So I endorse to the govt of Bangladesh that English should really be declared as the second language of the place by amending the constitution.


Bangladesh is the only place in the environment whose individuals sacrificed their life for the language. Now the historic language movement of 1952 is acknowledged internationally as the Intercontinental Mom Language Working day. It is genuine that our individuals are psychological about their language, Bangla. However, it is equally genuine that now our individuals have become desperate about having experienced in English language. As a result, there are far more than fifty personal universities now in Bangladesh. If North South Supplied BBA and Pc Science courses in Bangla medium then they would not get even ten% of the quantity of students they have now. It is now superior time that we end the great contradiction about the language concern and declare Bangladesh as an ESL place for our own reward.


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