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Free Software program – Open up Supply

Free Software program – Open up Supply

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The free of charge software package arrived at, from time to time considering the fact that various many years, a degree of maturity verified in various fields. In buy to satisfy the requirements for its consumers who wish to gain from the assets introduced by the Free one, purpose of supporting and of making secure the introduction of the free of charge software package in the data systems:

Set up as of the finish 2001, of a heart of competences dedicated to the free of charge software package, whose vocation is in individual to manage an experience powerful on the open parts source, and to capitalize our practical experience feedbacks of implementation of the free of charge software package in the fantastic projects of integration of systems which we carry out.

Formalization of a methodology – QSOS – letting a structured and rational evaluation, which qualified prospects to an goal and argued evaluation of the free of charge software package
Go over of the whole of the cycle of daily life, considering the fact that missions of council upstream (option analyze of implementation of the free of charge software package, contributes to the choice of the parts, technological survey), right until the implementation of the adopted methods
Assistance on the free of charge software package (support, correction of the anomalies) with contractual engagements of success (moments of resolution guaranteed for the open parts source criticize)

Corrective and evolutionary upkeep of the open parts source, with transfer at the Communities in the regard of the spirit of the Free one.
Last of all, it must be famous that our operate is tinted of no dogmatism “open professional source”. Our suggestions are only guided by the exploration of the ideal solution having into account the requirements and the context (technical but also human) for our consumers. In fact, we also lay out, in Atos Origin, of competences and practical experience feedbacks on the greater part of the methods house owners of the market place. This double experience enables us, in the phases upstream of council and support to the choice, to convey an enlightened and goal view.

Free software package: advantage and stakes

The advantage which one can withdraw, in typical, of the use of the free of charge software package are from now on effectively-recognised:

Capital cost reduced (exemption from payment or small cost of the software package)

Independence with regard to an editor

Evolutions controlled by the group of the end users

Also, the free of charge software package is frequently characterized by the dependability and the high quality of their code, like their conformity with the benchmarks and a excellent interworking.

Last of all, the availability of the source code facilitates the improvement of new functionalities, the adaptation to the technical context, or the correction of the anomalies.

In spite of these assets, the adoption of the free of charge software package is from time to time slowed down by various variables:

Difficulties of choice (in selected fields, there are various open implementations source)
Complexity, in selected instances, to consider in an exhaustive way and objectifies the advisability of resorting to open methods source as an alternative of methods house owners

Problem in analyzing perenniality, the robustness, the performances of an open solution source since of the difficulty from time to time of getting sufficiently responsible and precise data of the group or other individuals utilisateurs.

Last of all, considering the fact that one plans to deploy on a massive scale of the methods dependent on the free of charge software package, the query of getting contractual engagements about the high quality of this software package arises and of profiting from help in the event of incident – services typically obtained from the editor when a solution proprietor is decided on.

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