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Loss of life Rejection Rating (DRS) – A New Qualitative Measurement System For Adjustment With Loss of life

Loss of life Rejection Rating (DRS) – A New Qualitative Measurement System For Adjustment With Loss of life

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In the calendar year of 2003 a exploration was executed in Bangladesh underneath the supervision of Bircham International University on a matter relating to the adjustment of death (of oneself) as a pure truth for every single wholesome unique. As through the time of exploration no these comparable preceding examine had been offered on the subject matter, some self-organized scoring method experienced to be established in buy to measure some significant conditions like adjustment with the phenomenon of death.

Between all the researches on the acceptance of death for the dying or terminally ill particular person, the Kubler-Ross’s exploration is the most important. It yielded a staging of the acceptance of the truth for the dying. The levels had been one) denial, two) anger, three) bargaining, four) melancholy, and five) acceptance. For the objective of the usefulness of the exploration, in Bangladesh, the levels had been reviewed in a reverse manner. Consequently the levels, in the reverse manner, turned to the levels or concentrations of rejecting death. It was plainly obvious from the Kubler-Ross exploration that the earlier levels, explained by her, had been less mature and the afterwards levels had been much more mature in conditions of adjustment with death. So in the feeling of ordinal scoring with the reverse sequence of the levels of Kubler-Ross, it was assumed that acceptance phase need to get the the very least score from the check out issue of rejecting death. Consequently melancholy, bargaining, anger and denial levels need to get the scores in a little by little increasing manner. As it was a qualitative measurement technique, scoring by ordinal manner was the most feasible choice far too. But a single point that was stored in thoughts that accepting death entirely (one hundred%) need to not be accounted as a standard function mainly because it is the best kind of anxiety in all the psychiatric and psychological anxiety scales. So eventually the identify for the score towards the levels was preferred as the “Loss of life Rejection Rating” (DRS) that stood as follows:

Loss of life Rejection Scores (DRS)







This scoring was efficiently utilised for the method of the exploration. The success had been tabulated and statistical calculation yielded important inference. Lastly when the exploration was submitted to the tutorial board of the college, it was approved and also graded as an ‘Excellent’ a single. It is really worth mentioning that the staging of Kubler-Ross was meant for the dying, but the DRS was meant for any person who appreciates that he or she will die someday but does not know how or when.

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