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Not (yet) another sun worshipper

Not (yet) another sun worshipper

Not (yet) another sun worshipper

I took my D40 to Mymensingh on my last visit and had to wake up at 7 o’ clock in the morning in a " o so perfect day for a nap till 11 am " to go to the river’s side. The river bank was beautiful, wrapped in a sheath of winter mist and adorned with human feces in every nook and corner. Priceless.

Check out the Large View and see if you can identify the two "other visitors" to Brahmaputra’s shore’. BTW, these are by no means devout sun worshippers. When you live in a 3rd world country, you better make good use of feces laden waterways, or die tryin.

Too bad my D40 and the manual focus 50mm f/1.8 used was under-equipped to take in this …err…riverside rumble. I solemnly missed my D90 and it’s dynamic range that day. Other than that it was a quite pleasant experience.

PS: Better Geocoding With Flickr ROCKS!

Also, on black mon ami?

Location : Shesh Moor Ghat, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh [?]

Posted by NiH on 2005-04-21 08:06:34

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