sunset over the Rupsha............ (Khulna, Bangladesh) | NIBiz Soft

sunset over the Rupsha………… (Khulna, Bangladesh)

sunset over the Rupsha………… (Khulna, Bangladesh)

sunset over the Rupsha............ (Khulna, Bangladesh)

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge over the River Rupsha, Khulna, Bangladesh

Taken from the Laban Chora end (east end) of the bridge
Taken with Nikon 24mm f2.8D on Nikon F65

Construction started on 30 May 2001; inaugurated on the 21st May 2005…………. Cost of the total project (including 8.68km approach road on each side) an estimated US$103 million. Length: 1,360m, Width: 16.65m……….. financed with soft loan from JBIC (Japan Bank for International Cooperation)………….. Consultant for the bridge was Pacific Consultants International, sister concerns were JOC, CES and DDC

The main bridge is constructed on 7 spans supported by 8 piers. Each span is 70m long having 88RCC bored piles. The diameter of the bored piles each 2500m, length 55m to 75m. There is 22 piers on either side of the main bridge and 24 spans. There is 208RCC bored piles. Diameter of each bored pile is 900mm, length is 25m to 57m including 2 abartments. There is special security measures in the 8 piers of the bridge. According to the Project manager, the piers are well fortified to prevent any errant watercraft to hit the piers. This is the first protection system installation in any bridge in the country. Seismic prevention has also been set in the bridge which is 80m above the sea level. The vast infrastructure of the bridge is built on the concrete beneath 70m to 72m in the 50ft. deep Rupsha river.

An NGO in the name of Rural Development Movement (RDM) is working for the people who are affected for the construction of Rupsha bridge. Some ecological changes have already been seen due to the construction of Rupsha bridge. Water flow gets impeded in the piers of the bridge and the stream lessens. Consequently silt covers the river basin and navigability reduces geometrically.

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