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True Heroes [..Dhaka, Bangladesh..]

A nation’s true heroes always remain behind the curtain. The black curtain, created by us. We, those who fear hard work. ….those who income millions a day signing some papers. Who become very tired after one hour of work. …………..we…

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Stranger Inside the Box.

A Chotputi, Fuchka (one type of Bangladeshi street food) vendor safeguarding himself from rain by hiding inside an empty fuchka van. Location: Over Sector 7 Lake, Uttara, Dhaka 2013 Posted by Fozle Rabby on 2013-08-16 16:21:16 Tagged: , Street scenes…

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Future Model Town..? [Dhaka, Bangladesh]

Around Dhaka …still some waterbodies are this …. on the river Balu….u can find some signboards of housing developers… Dhaka, Bnagladesh Reserved all Rights.Please do not use this Photograph, without my prior permission.Please send me a Flickr mail or…

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Mother and Child

To understand converting some picture in black and white, you need to understand one thing 1st, not all the pictures will give you eye catching black and white results. You need to understand what you want to show at the…

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Old Streel Old Story… [Old Dhaka, Bangladesh]

An electrician was fixing the cables and poles of electric line….. A street of Old Dhaka….. Old Street old story…. Dhaka, Bangladesh See the Whole Collection: Posted by Saud A Faisal on 2009-07-22 14:55:02 Tagged: , Old Dhaka ,…

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bangladeshi river Posted by SujoyGraphy on 2014-12-19 18:38:08 Tagged: , river , bangladeshi , bangladesh , photography

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