Revelation [..Narayanganj, Bangladesh..]

Revelation [..Narayanganj, Bangladesh..]

Revelation [..Narayanganj, Bangladesh..]

In every Star of night
His beauty reveals.

Every Flash of Lightning..
Reveals his Fury.

Every heavenly light I see on the endless Sky…
Says, " See, how Glorious yet Furious….
How Furious, yet Generous I am."

If u say, Photography is difficult, then this is the MOST Difficult shot I ever came accross. After One Hour of hard toil and patience.. I was succeed.. almost. The large white cloud was looming in the sky slowly from down..devouring the Bright, Starry Sky. Flash of lightning intermittently glowed in it. As soon as I noticed this rare phenomenon, I rushed on the roof with Tripod to capture it’s glory. Yet I could capture a little. The stars are shining .. while the cloud with a regular flash of lightning was approaching them.

Narayangonj, Bangladesh. Night Shot, Long Exposure.

Posted by Catch the dream on 2007-10-28 19:17:31

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