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Top 10 Most Popular Magazines

Top 10 Most Popular Magazines

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We all see those magazines at the checkout counter, from entertainment to news to food and celebrity gossip. Have you ever wondered which magazines are the most popular? Well, here are the top 10 from bottom to top:

10. TV Guide – The first TV Guide was published in 1953 and featured Desi Arnaz from I Love Lucy, the most popular current show of that time. Though many newspapers publish their own TV listings, TV Guide is still going strong.

9. Sports Illustrated – The most popular sports magazine, Sports Illustrated enjoys a big boost in readership every year for their annual swimsuit issue. The current incarnation of Sports Illustrated published its first issue in 1954 and covers all the major sports. The #1 cover athlete is Michael Jordan with an astonishing 49 covers. The magazine has a weekly circulation of over 3 million.

8. Time – Time is one of the oldest entries on this list, with the first issue being published in 1923. Time is known for picking a “Person of the Year” each year. Time covers a variety of topics but is mainly a news magazine.

7. Woman’s Day – As the title states, Woman’s Day covers topics of interest to women including food, recipes, beauty, fashion and fitness. The first issue was published in 1928.

6. Game Informer – Game Informer is a monthly magazine dedicated to video games and consoles. The magazine features reviews and articles on PC games, as well as Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation and PSP games. Game Informer started publishing in the summer of 1991.

5. Ladies Home Journal – This magazine is the oldest on the list, with its first issue being published in 1883. Ladies Home Journal was one of the most popular magazines of the 20th century and it is still being published today. The magazine showcases content aimed at women and housewives.

4. Good Housekeeping – This magazine was started in 1885. Another magazine aimed at women and housewives, Good Housekeeping is famous for its “Seal of Approval” that it gives to different products that have passed their testing. Many famous female writers have contributed articles to the magazine, including Virginia Woolf and Somerset Maugham.

3. National Geographic – The magazine of the National Geographic Society, this magazine helps to broaden knowledge of world history, science, culture, nature and geography in order to document and conserve them. The monthly magazine was first published in 1888. The magazine is published in many different languages.

2. Better Homes and Gardens – This is a monthly magazine that showcases homes, gardens, cooking, gardening and decorating related content. Founded in 1922, it has a readership of nearly 8 million.

1. Reader’s Digest – With over 8 million subscribers, this is the #1 magazine in the United States. Founded in 1922, Reader’s Digest offers content of interest to families. Many international editions are published and worldwide readership of Reader’s Digest magazines is estimated to be over 100 million people.

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