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Web-sites about WikiLeaks, whistleblowing or Anonymous are included into their home pages in the wikileaks-wiki. The feeds for the web-sites are listed on the page web-site feeds. ← = is included into the wikileaks-wiki from the web-site xxx


wikileaks-wiki – wikileaks-wiki, a center-wiki for web-sites about WikiLeaks, whistleblowing, Anonymous [en]+[xx]-
← kabo-list-wiki – wikileaks-wiki

official web-sites by wikileaks:

facebook page WikiLeaks Cablegate
← facebook – page WikiLeaks Cablegate [en]

facebook page wikileaks
← facebook – page wikileaks [en]

facebook page WikiLeaks The Global Intelligence Files
← facebook – page WikiLeaks The Global Intelligence Files [en]

twitter wikileaks
← twitter – wikileaks [en]

WikiLeaksOrg, the main [en]

other web-sites about WikiLeaks or whistleblowing:

Adelaide FoWL, Friends of WikiLeaks in Adelaide, Australia
← facebook – group Adelaide Friends of WikiLeaks
← twitter – adfowl [en]

Australian FoWL, Friends of WikiLeaks in Australia
← twitter – AusFOWL [en]

AmpedStatus network, fights for pivotal political reforms
← – network

ArgosIs WikiLeaks, a section of a network for Cuba and South America
← facebook – group ArgosIs-WikiLeaks [es]+[en]-

cablesearch, search cables in full text
← [en]

CableWiki, documents, analyzes, summarizes and translates cables
← [en]+[xx]-

CrowdLeaks, crowdsourced journalism
← facebook – page crowdleaks
← twitter – crowdleaks [en]+[de]-

CryptomeOrg, a public library of fifty-eight thousand files published
← [en]

CyberLaw blog category wikileaks, a news resource for CyberLaw issues
← CyberLaw blog – category wikileaks [en]

facebook group Brisbane Wikileaks Defence, Brisbane, Australia defends wikileaks
← facebook – group Brisbane Wikileaks Defence [en]

facebook group Dagestan WikiLeaks, tell us what you know but are afraid to voice
← facebook – group Dagestan WikiLeaks [ru]

facebook group I Support Wikileaks, the intelligence agency of the people
← facebook – group I Support Wikileaks [en]

facebook group svetu treba vikiliks, Serbia leaks
← facebook – group svetu treba vikiliks [sr]

facebook group Wikileaks Fan Club (Bangladesh), Bangladesh wikileaks fans
← facebook – group Wikileaks Fan Club (Bangladesh) [en]+[xx]-

facebook group WikiLeaks Fans, keep us at the forefront of anti-censorship
← facebook – group WikiLeaks Fans [en]+[xx]-

facebook group wikileaks in Arabian, ويكيليكس
← facebook – group wikileaks in Arabian [ar]

facebook group wikileaks indígena, the Colombian natives’ wikileaks
← facebook – group wikileaks indígena [es]

facebook group Wikileaks La verità ci rende liberi, tieni duro Assange, the truth makes us free
← facebook – group Wikileaks La verità ci rende liberi, tieni duro Assange [it]

facebook group Wikileaks Support, we support wikileaks and Julian Assange!
← facebook – group Wikileaks Support [en]

facebook group wikileaks tagramet, exposes irregularities and manipulations in Tetouan, Morocco
← facebook – group wikileaks tagramet [ar]

facebook group Wikileaks Tetouan, exposes all forms of violations at all levels in Tetouan, Morocco
← facebook – group Wikileaks Tetouan [ar]+[fr]-

facebook page Aussies for Assange, the truth is “hate speech” only to those who have something to hide
← facebook – page Aussies for Assange [en]

facebook page Generation Wikileak, we are Julian’s die heart soldiers
← facebook – page Generation Wikileak [en]

facebook page The WikiLeaks Trap, news and analysis from around the web
← facebook – page The WikiLeaks Trap [en]

facebook page Wikileaks Free Julian Assange, help us to free Julian Assange
← facebook – page Wikileaks Free Julian Assange [en]+[xx]-

facebook page WikiLeaks Yemen, specialized in corruption cases
← facebook – page WikiLeaks Yemen [ar]

federal accountability initiative for reform, protects whistleblowers who protect the public interest, Canada
← facebook – group
← facebook – page [en]

Finland FoWL, Finnish Friends of WikiLeaks
← facebook – page FinFoWL
← twitter – finfowl [fi]+[en]-

FoWL, Friends of WikiLeaks
← facebook – page FoWL [en]

FoWL Austria, Gruppe Österreich
← facebook – page FoWL Austria [de]+[en]-

FoWL Berlin, Friends of WikiLeaks in Berlin, Germany
← facebook – page FoWL Berlin [de]+[en]-

FoWL São Paulo, Friend of WikiLeaks in São Paulo, Brazil
← facebook – page FoWL São Paulo [pt]+[en]-

FoWL Serbia, Friends of WikiLeaks in Serbia
← facebook – page FoWL Serbia [en]+[xx]-

Frankfurt (Main) FoWL, Friends of WikiLeaks in Frankfurt (Main), Germany
← facebook – page FFMFoWL [de]+[en]-

free WikiLeaks, a support group for a free WikiLeaks
← facebook – page FreeWikileaks
← twitter – fwleaks [en]+[xx]-

freedominfo search WikiLeaks, networks freedom of information advocates globally
← – search WikiLeaks [en]

government accountability project, protects corporate, government and international whistleblowers
← [en]

gulli tag WikiLeaks, about wikileaks on
← – tag WikiLeaks [de]

LeaksFree, we are anonymous, … expect us
← [es]+[xx]-
← facebook – page leaksfree [en]+[es]-

LeakSource, leaks around the world
← [en]

meta-leaks-wiki, posts, tags and discusses orphan leaks
← wikia-hive – meta-leaks-wiki [en]

national whistleblowers center, stands for honesty without fear
← [en]

netzpolitik search wikileaks, about WikiLeaks on
← – search wikileaks [de]

open democracy advice center, promotes open and transparent democracy in South Africa
← [en]

political fail blog, keeps informed on stories that matter
← [en]

project on government oversight, exposes corruption and other misconduct
← [en]

public concern at work, an independent authority on public interest whistleblowing
← [en]

save WikiLeaks, Свободу Сети! Freedom network!
← [ru]

StateLogs, browse, comment, read the diplomacy cablegate
← [en]

The Nation blogs media-fix, news about wikileaks every day
← – blogs media-fix [en]

transleaks Japanese, translates WikiLeaks to Japanese
← transleaks – Japanese [jp]

we will not be censored, supports the work of WikiLeaks and free speech
← [en]

whistleblower-net, an association about whistleblowing in Germany
← [de]

whistleblowers protection blog, advocates whistleblower rights
← [en]

whistleblowing Italia, whistleblowing in Italy
← [it]

Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance, the goal is justice, the method is transparency
← facebook – page Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance [en]

WikiLeaks Deutschland, Germany’s WikiLeaks
← facebook – page WikiLeaks Deutschland [de]

WikiLeaks Italian, news about WikiLeaks in Italian
← facebook – page WikiLeaks Italian [it]

WikiLeaks Serbia, support from Serbia
← facebook – page WikiLeaks Serbia [sr]

WikiLeaks Türkiye, Turkey’s WikiLeaks
← facebook – page WikiLeaks Türkiye [tr]

WikiLeaks Valencia, daily information about corruption in Valencia, Spain
← facebook – group Un Wikileaks a la Valenciana [es]

WikiLeaks Vienna, the bohemian rhapsody
← [de]

wlcentral, provides WikiLeaks news, analysis and action
← [en]

other whistleblowing web-sites:

Al Jazeera transparency unit, whistleblowing on Al Jazeera
← [en]

AnonNews, open posting, everything anonymous
← [en]

BalkanLeaks, the Balkans are not keeping secrets anymore
← facebook – page Balkanleaks
← twitter – balkanleaks

BayernLeaks, Bavaria leaks
← [de]

deaddrops, an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space
← [en]

EnviroLeaks, undermining just got easier …
← [en]

FaceLeaks, leak you friends, anonymously
← [en]

FrenchLeaks, France leaks
← [fr]

GlobaLeaks, creates a worldwide leak amplification network
← twitter – GlobaLeaks [en]

IndoLeaks, Indonesia leaks
← [ind]

IrishLeaks, sheds light on abuses of power within the Republic of Ireland
← [en]

IsraeliLeaks, comes soon to an occupied territory near you
← twitter – israelileaks [en]

KanariLeaks, leaks focused on the canary islands
← [es]

LocaLeaks, submit news tips to news organizations
← [en]

OpenLeaks, makes whistleblowing safer and more widespread
← [en]

PinoyLeaks, in the governments of the Philippines, beware of the eagle
← [en]

PirateLeaks, Czech leaks
← [cz]

Quebec leaks, Quebec in Canada leaks,
← facebook – page QuebecLeaks [fr]

RadioLeaks, whistleblowing by the Swedish radio
← – RadioLeaks [sv]

RoSpil, fights theft in Russia
← [ru]

RuLeaks, Russia leaks
← [ru]

secrecy news, news on government secrecy
← – secrecy news [en]

Serbian WikiLeaks, new Belgrade affairs
← [sr]

TradeLeaks, openness and transparency in trade and commerce
← [en]

TuniLeaks, Tunisia leaks
← [en]

VatiLeaks, the Vatican leaks
← [en]

WikiSpooks, a wiki to build a comprehensive reference source of deep political structures and events
← [en]

The page facebook about wikileaks merges the facebook groups wikileaks and the facebook pages wikileaks listed above.

The page news wikileaks merges pages by the press and search queries for news about wikileaks.

news by the press:

BBC search wikileaks, the BBC about WikiLeaks
← – search wikileaks [en]

Der Spiegel Thema WikiLeaks, the German weekly Der Spiegel about wikileaks
← Der Spiegel – Thema WikiLeaks [de]

Die Zeit leaks blog, the German weekly Die Zeit about WikiLeaks, OpenLeaks and the consequences
← – leaks blog [de]

The Telegraph news wikileaks, the latest news and video on WikiLeaks
← – news wikileaks [en]

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