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WTIS 2014 – Data quality, big data, open data

WTIS 2014 – Data quality, big data, open data

WTIS 2014 - Data quality, big data, open data

The growing demand for ICT statistics, an increasing number of internationally defined and agreed ICT indicators, and growing recognition of the importance of ICT statistics for social and economic development are imposing new challenges for ICT data quality. Data quality issues are being discussed particularly in the context of the emerging debate on the potential of big data to complement official statistics and calls for open data systems in countries and international agencies. The objective of this session is to present the ITU data quality assurance framework and guidelines, to review national best practices, and discuss ways on how to maintain quality of official ICT statistics in the context of big and open data. The session will address the following questions:
What is data quality and how can it be assured at the national and international levels?
What are the challenges and opportunities of adopting open data policies?
What are new dimensions of data quality in the context of big data?
Are open data and big data compatible? What needs to be done to ensure data confidentiality?

Moderator: Ronald Jansen, Chief, Trade Statistics Branch, United Nations Statistics Division

Presentaton of ITU Data Quality Assurance Framework: Michael Colledge, Consultant to ITU

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