Bangladesh : Beethoven – 6th Symphony

Bangladesh : Beethoven – 6th Symphony

Bangladesh : Beethoven - 6th Symphony


This image was inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 in F major. It’s known as the Pastoral Symphony was completed in 1808. One of Beethoven’s few works of program music, the symphony was labeled at its first performance with the title "Recollections of Country Life".

GPS coordinate for this picture is 24°58’1.50"N, 91° 7’49.90"E

Tangor hawor is a place where its gets flooded during monsoon creating a huge lake formation. Its size is enormous and makes interesting landscape since its floods … you will see trees standing middle of ocean like lake or electric poles … or a figure of a bridge or tiny island of houses. Communication is only possible by boats and people enjoy fishing at this time. After the rainy season, water level drops and people do agriculture on the fertile land turning this massive area into a green agro zone.

The best thing about this place according to me is the absence of electric poles and mobile communication towers. There are few here and there, but not much noticeable. That’s why images from Tangor Hawor area has a natural feel to it and at night if there is no cloud you will see a bright night sky with milky way’s, countless twinkling stars and random shooting stars. You will have your chance to make good wishes here if you have failed to spot shooting stars in your city skies.

The people here are totally native, their life is simple. They will come to you and ask where do you come from and all sorts of questions without any introduction. It gets annoying at times. They are very curious and wont understand that a person might need privacy. For example I was swimming (actually that was my shower) in the nearby lake and there were atleast 20 people staring at me. The water is rain water without much pollution. It has a crystal look to it. In a hot summer day like that, the water felt so good actually.

There were huge open spaces in the sky, my eyes couldn’t stop looking up. The clouds, the sun’s ray, flying birds and distance landscape creating a heaven constantly making you say WOW .. LOOK at THAT!I was travelling by boat sitting on the rooftop feeling the rushing air and watching the ever mesmerizing scenes. End of the lake there is Indian border and their landscape has mountains. We got the plain land and they got the high land. The view of the mountains is impressive specially the rolling down white patch of clouds or distant rains. I wondered what would be the view from the mountains towards the lake? At night I saw lights in the mountains, locals told me its Shelong city of India. Unfortunately there is a tension going on between our neighbors and BSF & BDR were exchanging fires and were in red alert.
The Border Security Force (BSF) of India patrols their border. Lot of people die in their shots labeled as smugglers or illegal aliens. Truth is in 90% cases cattle’s or ventures venture too far from their own country and ends up close to the border. Indian BSF is also known as drunken guards. Locals claim they shoot out under the influence of alcohol. In my mind it raised a question, if you can shoot perfectly after drinking; Indian BSFs are a hell of a marksman.

About this picture, we were camped in a small island; there was a tiny bazaar (market) there. It was very hot, there wasn’t any wind, I was sitting near the lake side and listening to music. I saw these people fishing. Their net was extended and covered huge area. They were fairly close to me and it wasn’t possible to shoot them without wide angle lens. Presence of me also attractive crowd, they all wanted to be photographed.

It took them an hour to close the net by slowly pulling it. They guy in the water was making sure the net closes properly. They were so concentrated at their work that they forgot about rest of the world. The fading sun came out one last time for the day and I took this picture with the music of Beethoven in my headphone.

Lens: EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
Camera: Canon EOS 5D
Location: Tangor Hawor, Sylhet, Bangladesh

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