Emergence of Bangladesh

Emergence of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a small country in south-east Asia. It was formerly the part of Indian sub continent. Later after the division of India by British ruler it linked up with Pakistan and took the name of East Pakistan. After being 23 years under Pakistani rulers East Pakistan came to conflict with west Pakistan and struggle with mighty West Pakistan for freedom. After a bloody war of nine months East Pakistan came into the world map as a sovereign country. This formerly East Pakistan is now known as Bangladesh.

Emergence of Bangladesh is not an easy concept. Here an old and famous civilization took place in the past time about thousands years ago. At first Bangladesh was divided into many parts and many kingdom was positioned here. Their numbers were about 6. One of them was as Bongo. Many specialists think from this Bongo name the name of Bangladesh was originated. Those parts were ruled by many rulers and many powerful rulers ruled here. At 1610 AD this part was won by Muslim ruler. After that many ruler comes here and ruled here.

In 1757 AD after the defeat of Nauyab Muhammad Shiraz Uddaula, British spread their colonial rule over Bangla, Bihar and Orissa. That was the starting of British rule in Indian sub continent and ruled about 2 hundreds years. After the defeat of that Polashi war British East India Company took the complete control of Indian Subcontinent. They earned monopoly business advantage in India and set up colonial system here. Then Bangladesh was not on present shape. With the passage of time British Empire became weaker and its colonies became independent. In that time great leader of Indian Subcontinent came forward for their independence and as result great birth of Pakistan and India happened in the history of world. Bangladesh becomes part of Pakistan with the name of East Pakistan on the basis of religion.

Beginning of Pakistan was on basis of same religion. But with the change of time West Pakistan started to make discrimination with people of East Pakistan. Then centre of Pakistan was situated on West Pakistan. As a result West Pakistan got all advantages and foreign help and all the time East Pakistan was deprived of. At first time West Pakistan tried to make Urdu as national language of Pakistan. This made East Pakistan more frustrated and angry. On 1952 a historical movement named Akhushe February took place. This movement was the seed of birth of Bangladesh. After that different time different incident made nice way of independence of Bangladesh. Such as: establishment of Awami League, 6 point resolution by Sheik Muzibor Rahman, false Agortola conspiracy case. At last Awami League won on the election of 1970. That made the politics more interesting. On 26th March night Pakistani armed forces attacked general people of East Pakistan. That was a noteworthy night in the history of Bangladesh.

At that night Sheik Muzibur Rahman prepared an independence declaration for Bangladesh. That night he was arrested and taken to the West Pakistan. Next morning then army commander of East Pakistan Shahid Zia Ur Rahman declared the speech of declaration made by Sheik Muzibur Rahman. Zia Ur Rahman made that declaration of Independence on the behalf of the Sheik Muzibur Rahman. From that time real liberation war of Bangladesh was started. People of all walk came forward to make home free from Pakistani army. On 17 April government of Bangladesh was made. This government made the war more strong. On the 16th December 1971 Bangladesh got the respect as a new born country on the world map. About 30 lacks people sacrificed their life to make the country independence.

Birth of Bangladesh was not a very easy task. After sacrificing lots of life we get our valuable independence. We will not ever forget their great sacrifice. We will not forget the great contribution of great leaders like as: Sheik Muzibur Rahman, Shahid Zia Ur Rahman, commander in chief of Mukti Bahini Ataul Gani Osmani, great four Leaders. Their combined contribution is the result of present independent Bangladesh.


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