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Fight Online Counterfeit With Search Engine Help

Fight Online Counterfeit With Search Engine Help

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The call for search engines to be brought in to the fight against counterfeiting comes as an on-line survey by intellectual property firm, Marks & Clerk, of mid to senior level business people in over 200 firms, in March and April 2009, showed that close to 60% of them are concerned that, as a result of the recession, we will see a sharp increase in counterfeiters. It has been suggested that the introduction of a protocol to bring stronger controls against internet exploitation could be the answer. 

The survey showed that more than 60% of the firms agree with the invention of a more ‘cyber-crime authority’, which should impose greater penalties on infringement. Furthermore, 50% of the firms believe that the on-line marketplaces themselves, those such as eBay, should be held liable themselves in order to establish a tougher standard of conduct towards giving a forum to counterfeiters in the first instance.

The spark for harsher controls to be put in place comes as a result of the on going spat between LVMH, the luxury goods group, and Google. LVMH are disgruntled by Google’s action to sell one of its brand names, Louis Vuitton, keywords to the highest bidder, including both rivals of LVMH and potential counterfeiters.

Pam Withers, a partner at Marks & Clerk, said, search engines have not been immune from censure as a result of their increasing dominance and the effectiveness of their advertising strategies. The market needs a clear line to be drawn by the courts to establish where the ground lies, and if the onus should be solely on the consumer, or if the internet has now got too big for this to remain the case. But both sides will need to play ball.

“Businesses need to take firmer action to protect their brands, while service providers need to recognise their responsibilities and engage with the problem so they are not a vehicle for infringement.”

Along with counterfeiting through the web, and the opportunity the web gives counterfeiters, businesses are concerned with the lack of control over legitimate competitors and misinformation. Trade mark infringement is not given the same boundaries on the internet as it would be in the traditional market place. This, in addition, causes apprehension in regards to the practice of competitors being able to pay for sponsored keywords in their name. It is being argued that this too should be included under trade mark infringement.

Withers further commented that this is the first recession in the digital era and businesses are anxious about the consequences.

“The success of the internet has meant that we are seeing increasingly vociferous criticism of those who play a part in counterfeiting – even those who do so unwittingly.”

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