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Restaurant Management

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Create a restaurant management plan

This in effect this is your business plan, make sure you cover all the bases to ensure success. Develop a plan that will cover all the require areas of a business plan such as restaurant market research, financial planning including funding and capital, cashflow forecast, human resource planning, competitors analysis and a marketing plan. Your restaurant management plan will be the roadway forward for your restaurant and will help you get back on track should you come off the rails.

Use restaurant management tools

I have seen too many restaurant managers and owners not use available tools, there are lots of tools available all over the internet that can help and make you life easier. Not only have these tools already been developed and tested before it more importantly will save you time should you need to develop a new restaurant management tool like a spreadsheet, form or template.

Market your restaurant

There is an old saying that a “rolling stone gathers no moss”, this is true when it come to marketing your restaurant or café. The faster you can get your restaurant going the less stale it will become. So… when developing your restaurant management plan be sure to include a comprehensive marketing plan as this is the engine of your restaurant, so be sure to give it some fuel to keep going.

Conduct regular restaurant training

Training your staff would have to be one of the most under rated aspects of restaurant management, too many restaurant operators neglect this side of the business as they give too many excuses. These excuses like “I don’t have time” or “my staff don’t need training” are just crap. Training not only will provide you with better service to your customers but even more importantly will help you increase your sales.

Create a restaurant budget

Do you think the county sets a budget for the trillions of dollars they manage, you bet they do so it is no different for any restaurant whether small or large to set a budget of the income and expenses they think they will encounter during a full year. Not only will this help you understand your business better it will also allow you to forecast the cash flow in the business. A comprehensive restaurant management plan should include a cash flow statement so you know when or if you may need to borrow further cash to keep your restaurant going.

Incentivise your staff

Unless you are a one person restaurant, you have staff, and if you have staff that are on a incentive program not only will you see them more happier you will also see further cash in your cash register or POS. When implementing a staff incentive program into your restaurant management plan make sure you incentivise them though the sales they generate for the business.

Make procedures for everything

Procedures, procedures, procedures… This is the holy grail of restaurants as an owner to have the restaurant completely operate independently of you. It can be done if it is included as part of your restaurant management plan, start off with small chunks like cash register procedures and then advance to the more technical aspects of the restaurant like what the owners does. As part of a complete plan you could in effect complete the whole process in 9-12 months.

Ask for help when you need it

Last but not least… if you need help ask for it or go looking for it as I said earlier there are plenty of restaurant management tools and toolkits that can make your life a lot easier.

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