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FREE Domain,Hosting Email and WordPress setup with Hostinger

FREE Domain,Hosting Email and WordPress setup with Hostinger

Open Hostinger: and /

**In hostinger window/tab**
-Sign up or sign in with Google/Facebook.
-Verify your account if you signed up with your email. Or click on “Accept” on new window if –you signed up via Google/Facebook.
-Go to account-new hosting.
-Choose plan FREE.
-Change sub-domain to domain by clicking. For hosting domain but if you want free sub -domain leave it.

**In Freenom window/Tab**
-Choose your domain / .CF, .ML, .GA, .TK / , its free.
-If you redirected to registration page, copy your domain name without “www”.
-Click on “Use Dns” -” Your Own DNS”.
-Paste this : and on server name leave empty ip address field. Or See This:…
-Choose your registration length / 1 month to 12 months /
-Choose pictures. / To confirm that you are not bot
-Paste your email and verify.

**In hostinger window/tab**
-Paste your domain. without ‘www’
–Choose your password.
Click on “Continue”.
-See/Write CAPTCHA.
-Check ” I accept “

**Note: Due to domain Propagation, Your Account will be ready in 12-24 hour.**

-Check your url. You will see “You website has been installed”
-Open: Hostinger.
-Account – your domain.

**For email**
-Click on email
-Choose your email and password.
-Choose size , upto 50 MB.
-Its done.

**For WordPress**
-Click on Auto Installer.
-Click on WordPress.
-Choose your title, password.
-Choose path , if you don’t know about that leave it.
-Click on Install/Ok/.
-It will take about 5 mins.
-its done.


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