Harmony of Hues

Harmony of Hues

Harmony of Hues

Sometimes you are behind someone,
sometimes you will left behind someone.
But, without competitors a race is worthless.

What’s your favorite color ? White of snow or, red of tomato or, blue of sky or, green of bank note or, anything else ? But if there were a world of only one color, there would be no value of your liking. Suppose,you have chosen a red dress because it will match well with your fair skin.But in a world where everything is red (you also), there is no chance of choice.You love some particular colors, because there are variety of other colors. Our eyes sees our world as a whole,sees harmony of hues.Different things at different hues.

A Laundry at Mirpur-6 named ‘Shah Ali Dry Cleaners’ was hanging out cloths to dry.Some boys were playing on street beside that .


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