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Last few minutes of a sunny day (HDR)

Last few minutes of a sunny day (HDR)

Last few minutes of a sunny day (HDR)

Yesterday I’ve been out whole day for a photowalk with ‘Bangladeshi Photographers’. It was a fantastic day with blue sky and the summer sun blazing atop us. We went to Barodi, Narayanganj to explore the beautiful landscapes and life around the river bank of Meghna. Divided in small groups we visited the river bank, a Hindu temple (Locally known as Mandir) and the small local market area. From my part, I truly enjoyed the trip and wish to go there again. This shot was taken during sunset near a bridge just before we started planning and started the long walk to get back to Dhaka. A big thank you to BP for organizing the walk.

Bangladeshi photographers’ flickr link:

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