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One Dayer Cricket Best Wicketkeepers – Fielders (All Teams)

One Dayer Cricket Best Wicketkeepers – Fielders (All Teams)

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2 Aussies are topping the list!! Haddin of Australia was the best One Day Wicket Keeper / Fielder of 2006. He took 16 catches and made one stumping in just 7 matches. Adam Gilchrist took 32 catches and 4 stumpings in 22 matches.

And the surprise was Khaled Mashud from Bangladesh coming in at No. 3 with 23 catches and 10 stumpings in 24 matches and also at No. 3 was Mark Boucher of South Africa with with 31 catches and 2 stumpings in 24 matches.

Kumar Sangkara from Sri Lanka came in at No. 5 with 37 catches and 12 stumpings in 36 matches and also at No. 5 was D Ramdin of West Indies with with 19 catches in 14 matches.

Then you have Brian McCullum (New Zealand), Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India), BRM Taylor (Zimbabwe), DA Minors (Bermuda) and Kamran Akram making the rest of the spots in Top 10. KO Otieno (Kenya), A Bagai (Canada) are other upcoming players.

S.No. Name Country

1 BJ Haddin AUS

2 AC Gilchrist AUS

3 Khaled Mashud BDESH

4 MV Boucher RSA

5 KC Sangakkara SL

6 D Ramdin WI

7 BB McCullum NZ

8 MS Dhoni IND

9 BRM Taylor ZIM

10 DA Minors BMDA

11 Kamran Akmal PAK

12 KO Otieno KENYA

13 A Bagai CAN

14 GO Jones ENG

15 J Smits NL

16 Kwame Tucker BMDA

17 SO Tikolo KENYA

18 J Botha RSA

19 RT Ponting AUS

20 CK Coventry ZIM

21 GC Smith RSA

22 MJ Prior ENG

23 PD Collingwood ENG

24 R Dravid IND

25 S Thuraisingam CAN

26 WF Stelling NL

27 A Symonds AUS

28 CH Gayle WI

29 CMW Read ENG

30 MEK Hussey AUS

*These rankings are based on Players who’ve played 5 matches or more. These rankings are prepared solely by myself based on owned algorithms.

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