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rafiz (4) (Copy)

rafiz (4) (Copy)

rafiz  (4) (Copy)

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Rafiz uddin ahamed focuses on business development and project management at BLACK iz WEBs and is a company partner. His duties include building client relationships and guiding clients through the design development processes. rafiz studied chemistry in M. M. college jessore, earning degrees in Business Administration and in Marketing, with a minor in Graphic Design & Public Relations.rafizuddin rafiz is another experienced teachers in BLACK iz IT Institute working on the first season of this institute. Along with rafiz’s teaching qualification holds in Bachelor of Business studies (BSS) .He Worked as Senior Executive at a multinational company. Now he is working as a trainer on Expert SEO, Web Design & Development and more. Rafiz Ahamed’s interests include Online Market and Freelancing. His drive to pass his knowledge to students makes him a key asset to BLACK iz IT Institute.And Online Forex market. rafiz, rafizbd, rafizjess, rafiz bd, rafizuddin, eveloper, SEO Analyst,SEO Expert, SEO Adviser in Banglades, Best odesk worker in Bangladesh, top 10 Odesk earner in Bangladesh, Best Freelance In Bangladesh, WebDevelopment, Databases Developer in bd, php Developer in Bangladesh, custom cms Developer in Dhaka, software Developer in Bangladesh, Web web design, Responsive site, Dynamic Web, Mobile Device, Static Site, php Base site, css, HTML5, HTML5, CMS Web Marketer in BLACK iz IT

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