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Types of Cyber Bullying & Examples of Cyber Bullying

Types of Cyber Bullying & Examples of Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying can be accomplished in many different forms using modern technology. Although it is usually performed over the internet it can also use cell phones as a vehicle.

Internet harassment is one of the major risks to our children online. The results can be fatal with suicides resulting from the abuse occurring daily.

Let’s go over some of the types of Cyber Bullying and some examples of Cyber Bullying your child might experience.

* Cyber Stalking – The transmission of messages to intimidate and or threaten the victim resulting in a child to have concerns about their personal safety and well being.

* Degradation – This would be the use of rumors and unfounded gossip in an attempt to break up the friendships the victim might have with others or to damage the kid’s reputation.

* Harassment – This is the constant and unrelenting sending of offensive, insulting, rude and harassing messages over the internet or cell phone to the Cyber Bullying Victim.

* Impersonation – The taking on of a false identity pretending to be the victim and send or posts material to damage the child’s reputation or get them into trouble.

* Flaming – This a very aggressive and abrasive form of intimidation used by the aggressor using vulgar and angry language with the intent to start fights with the teenager or preteen.

* Text Messaging – This is where they enlists friends to help send thousands of messages to the victim’s cell phone running up their phone bill and getting them into trouble with parents.

* Password Theft – Gaining access to the child’s passwords used on the internet and uses it to log into the sites the child has and locks them out, also allowing other to hack the account.

* Web Sites – The creation of web sites and/or pages filled with images, rumors, statements, and/or defamatory remarks to further humiliate and cause emotional distress for the victim.

* Images or Photos – The posting of photos or images that are found that might be embarrassing in nature or the creation or altering of images to depict the boy or girl and cause humiliation.

* PC Attack – Our children are very skilled in computer technology. Many can and have used to Cyber Bully another the sending of viruses, a Trojan and/or spyware to infect the boy’s or girl’s computer.

* Proxy Attack – It is not unusual for them to enlist their friends to assist them in the dirty work and to “join in on the fun” to further the humiliation and emotional damage caused the victim.

The types of Cyber Bullying listed above are a serious threat to your son or daughter. It is shown in surveys that one out of every three children are victims of this form on internet danger.

Our kids are reluctant to tell us when this occurs.

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