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Adult Men Bed Wetting and Prostate Issues

Adult Men Bed Wetting and Prostate Issues

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For adult men, bed wetting is sometimes caused by issues with his prostate. An enlarged prostate can cause the need to urinate more often, and in some cases it can cause bed wetting. It is middle aged men who typically suffer from enlarged prostates and these usually have a variety of symptoms. It is important to have this condition examined by a physician as it could be a sign of something that is more serious but that manifests in the same way. If you notice that you need to use the bathroom more often or if you have started wetting the bed, make sure to have a doctor examine your prostate. The good news is that if your prostate is making you wet the bed there are plenty of treatment options to choose from including medication and medical procedures.

A number of older people who have Alzheimer’s disease have a quandary of wetting the bed. The disease could meddle with the typical reflexes that alarm you when you should go to the bathroom.

It isn’t always possible to foil all of the signs of Alzheimer’s, but in some instances there are healing methods that can work. If elderly individuals are taking medications for any other ailments, this can also be a trigger for wetting the bed. In Alzheimer’s situations, a medical professional might be able to recommend a method for managing or avoiding bed wetting depending on how much the disease has progressed.

Bed wetting can be caused by a variety of neurological problems. This can be the result of an injury or disease, and it has to be diagnosed by a doctor. Bedwetting can be a result of nervous system damage. Of course, there are a lot of conditions that can cause nervous system damage. Neurological problems can present in many ways and the symptoms will vary among patients. Usually, just getting the neurological issue under control can help stop the bedwetting. Identifying the cause of bed wetting is important to make sure there isn’t a serious problem. No matter what the cause, you are anxious to find a solution, and this is almost always possible once you know why it’s occurring. The bed wetting causes we’ve covered here are by no means the only ones, and if you aren’t sure why you have this symptom you should talk to your doctor.

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