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A PHOTO-BOOK ABOUT BANGLADESH (video presentation)

A PHOTO-BOOK ABOUT BANGLADESH (video presentation)

This is a video presentation of my e-book “A PHOTO BOOK ABOUT BANGLADESH”. The book contains 11 photo essays, 117 color and black and white images, arranged in 125 pages. It describes basic subjects, places and problems of modern Bangladesh.

The photo essays would be interesting for people, who like to travel outside of tourist destinations, explorers by nature, people, who like photography and all those, who are curious about the world around.

The photo essays have documentary and cognitive nature. They are not travel notes, though having as a base one of my travels, in May 2013. The photo essays provide an overview of the places, which I considered
most interesting. I included in them information, and sometimes my reflections about some of the fundamental problems of this country. The essays do not represent detailed research and do not provide solution of essential problems, as for instance the child labour, pollution of environment etc.

However, they contain numbers and statistics, as well as quotes of verified sources.
The last paragraphs of almost every article are dedicated to photographic techniques, methods and approaches in photographing of certain type of scenes, corresponding more or less to the article subject.

My idea consists in associating concrete situations happened during this trip in Bangladesh with selected photo techniques or approaches, aiming this way an easier learning. The book does not provide detailed descriptions of photo techniques with numbers, statistics and detailed explanations, so therefore it cannot be used as a manual of photography. The idea consists in making the reader to remember them, in case he found himself in similar situations and to make him try on different settings, techniques
etc. To each picture I provided basic EXIF information, which I consider as useful for the enthusiastic photographers.

This book provides particular information about the country, web addresses and names of people with their contact details for those of you who plan to travel there. I suppose this information would be more interesting to the professional photographers, especially if they have not yet visited Bangladesh.

To download the book please click here – http://pavelgospodinov.com/a-photo-book-about-bangladesh/

Pavel Gospodinov web site: http://pavelgopsodinov.com


araf adiat
  • June 7, 2015 at 7:59 pm

i liked it but the only problem was that it was a slow prcess if u could
have taken the shot from differant angles it would have been great over all
a great vedio from a bangladeshi

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